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Shaman King (Uncut)

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In this uncut version of Shaman King. Yoh and Amidamaru are still trianing to fight in the fast approaching Shaman tournament. Though Yoh is strong he still has a lot of work to do before he can be named as the next Shaman King.

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AIRED ON 3/21/2006

Season 9 : Episode 9

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  • It rivals even Naruto in suckiness

    You know why the manga was cancelled? Because it totally sucked. Nobody liked it. And for all the anime fans out there, I'm really amazed by you guys because the anime is even worse. If you hate Naruto, you'll hate Shaman King.

    The story started out like any other Jump-Shonen out there: a bunch of brats trying to save the world. The real BS began when they started the Shaman King tournament and I was totally lost. Boy it was battles after battles crammed with Naruto-Style Tragic-Flashbacks. The worst part, also the part that's even worse than Naruto, is that all the battles were pointless. That guy Tao literally fought everyone during the tournament. He fought some bad guys first, then Yoh's dad, then got killed, then got revived by Yoh, then fought Yoh, then fought a referee. Why did he even fight with Yoh's dad??????? Yoh's dad was a good guy.

    The characters also suffered from the same fate as the plot. In the beginning, everyone was not much different from other works in this genre but still likable. Yoh is adorable, Tao was cool, Hao was also cool, and Anna-sama was a goddess. ^^ I always secretly hoped they would at least do it once. When the Shaman King tournament started, they all began to suck. I read the manga probably three year ago but total confusion might be a good phrase to describe it. Character developments were filled with those cheesy tear-begging flashbacks and discontinuity.

    The artstyle is crispy and I certainly have no problem with it, which is the only good thing about this manga. I don't get the theme at all.

    Oh and I almost forgot, the mangaka liked to insert some poems in this manga…weird guy…moreless
  • I love Shaman King!

    Ok, I never saw all the episodes, but I really want to see them all if it came back on the air. I wonder who will become shaman king. I say it will be HoroHoro, he is sooo funny. I hope we all get to know who becomes shaman king, I'm dying to know. This shows got so much action, my cousin loves it. I have to say Shaman King is waaaaaaay better than Dragon Ball Z. Hey crator guy, why don't you make more episodes so all the fans can know who becomes shaman king, ok. ^^' *sigh* Life sucksmoreless
  • This is just like Naruto ,But suitable for kids under 8 yrs.Awsome show ,Battles,Humour and spirts is awsome,Must go on

    A nice show is always nice,esspecially when its about Battles and Humour its pretty awsome.Yoh the guy with a spirt an his pals are in the Shaman Tournement and want to become Shaman kings.Its pretty cool with battles and stuff,its kinda like Naruto,but i think they are all pretty rad.Spirts are cool two,they can be in any weopens and it is so cool.Also the Battles and tournemts are pretty fun so you can stick with it more.

    Humour is there two and its cool ,So shaman king is pretty awsome,if you are new to the series,you will pick it very fast if your a fan of Naruto.moreless
  • Man this was a good show i will give it that even...

    Man this was a good show i will give it that even if it was a bit messed up when changed from Jap to Eng. But i can say for sure it was a good show,i mean come on can anybody call it bad.Its definitely better than all those other (BS) time waster shows.

    It was a great show on the Lvl with old shows such as some DBZ, Pokemon, Gundam Wing, and other decent shows of the good story line era.

    All i can say is that since i live in Fiji and Shaman never came here it was paradise in paradise for me when i started getting Shaman King off the net to watch. Anime and Manga rarely come to this part of the world and those that occasionally do come suck compared to Shaman king so to others it may suck but to me it is holiday bliss.moreless
  • Why did it have to end?

    Shaman King is an excellent anime. It tells the tale of Yoh Asakura, a 13 year old boy who is a shaman. A shaman is someone who can interact with ghosts. Yoh meets Manta Oyamada, a midgit who can also see ghosts. A samurai ghost, known as Amidamaru, becomes Yoh's spirit partner. Now, Yoh needs Amidamaru's help to participate in "The Shaman Fight in Tokyo," where Shamans battle it out to go with the Great Spirit. Along the way, Yoh and Manta form a makeshift team of shamans, such as Horohoro, "Wooden Sword" Ryu, Tao Ren, and Lyserg. To fight, shamans channel their ghosts into their weapons, resulting in an "Over Soul," which gives them amazing amounts of strength. Shaman King is highly underappreciated and underrated, and should be watched by any anime fan.moreless

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