Shamanic Princess

Cartoon Network (ended 2000)


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Shamanic Princess

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One night, a young girl arrives on Earth along with her partner Japoro. Her name is Tiara, and she is here on a mission to find her former lover, Kagetsu, who has stolen the mysterious Throne of Yord, the source of power for the magical Guardian World. When she catches up with him, however, she finds that he is not alone. Tiara's former acquantaince, Lena has sided with Kagetsu along with Lena's partner Leon are trying to save Sarah without Tiara's help. Can they do it? You just have to watch it. Character profiles: Tiara: Tiara is the confident and feisty main character sent to Earth to retrieve the Throne Of Yord. Tiara possesses Shamanic powers and can summon shadowy creatures to aid her in battle. She can also focus her powers to evolve into a demonic figure with amazing speed and fighting ability. Lena: Lena is a childhood friend and rival of Tiara who also has shadowy powers that are most often focused through a special flute. She was originally sent to retrieve the Throne of Yord but is now, for some reason, working against Tiara to keep her from completing her mission. Sarah: Kagetsu's sister who is also a Neutralizer. She appears in Tiara's dreams near a pond. Lena,Tiara, and Sarah were all childhood friends. Sarah was once a cartaker of the Throne of Yord. She has since mysteriously disappeared. Kagetsu: Tiara's former lover Kagetsu is a Neutralizer from the Guardian World. Neutralizers can negate other people's magic and can actually borrow their power for a short time. Kagetsu was also a caretaker of the Throne of Yord before stealing it from its place in the Guardian World. Leon: Leon is Lena's devoted partner and has special powers to aid her in her mission. He can freeze time, detect the Throne of Yord, and if neccessary, evolve into a more powerful being to battle a strong opponent. Japolo: Tiara's newest partner, Japolo, is a wise talking ferret. Japolo is highly intelligent, but is sometimes also an annoying to Tiara by being exceedingly critical. Japolo has the ability to create a stasis field when Tiara battles and can detect the proximity of the Throne of Yord.moreless