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The critically acclaimed and brilliantly funny drama from award-winning writer Paul Abbott features the Chatsworth Estate's Gallaghers, probably the UK's most dysfunctional family.

Head of the family, Frank, embarks on a series of adventures with his remarkably well-balanced children Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl and Liam - not forgetting the other two with Frank's valium-fuelled lover, Sheila. A shambolic family living on a Manchester estate, where eldest sister Fiona has to look after her five younger siblings after their mother's disappearance and their father became an alcoholic. After Fiona herself escapes, it's down to her twelve year old Sister Debbie to run the Gallagher household. With Sheila leaving and Monica's return it's a whole new ball game at the Gallagher residents, and it's not all plain sailing with Monica's estranged girlfriend Norma living in the van in the yard. No-ones life is ever going to be the same.

Now in its eighth series things are still as dysfunctional as ever on the Chatsworth Estate with, Frank and Libby trying to get married with Monica coming back on the scene, Mimi's a new mother once again but still has the task of having to find out ho the father is. Also, Karen and Jamie are trying to get on with their lives after all the recent events and, there's also a whole load of new people on the scene just waiting to cause mayhem.

Shameless is packed with sex, drugs, gratuitous violence, love and scams. Chaos ensues with more tales of how one extraordinary family goes about its normal everyday life.moreless

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  • Anne-Marie Duff

    Anne-Marie Duff

    Fiona Gallagher [ 2004 - 2005 ]

    David Threlfall

    David Threlfall

    Frank Gallagher

    James McAvoy

    James McAvoy

    Steve McBride [ 2004 - 2005 ]

    Maggie O'Neill

    Maggie O'Neill

    Sheila Jackson [ 2004 - 2007 ]

    Dean Lennox Kelly

    Dean Lennox Kelly

    Kev Ball [ 2004 - 2007 ]

    Maxine Peake

    Maxine Peake

    Veronica Fisher [ 2004 - 2007 ]

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    • Love, hate Frank

      I am from the US of A and have become addicted to UK Television, UK by far has the best Television shows, I love and hate Frank Gallagher, because his plays a total dick, but sometimes he can be Smart and emphatic, love this show (the American version sucks). sorry to see it end.
    • why is therre no update

      how come everytime i come here there is no update on the episodes
    • Fictional account of life on a Manchester council estate.The story centres around the dysfunctional Gallagher family,with alcoholic,drug taking father Frank as head of the clan,his bisexual pregnant wife Monica and children Lip,Ian,Carl,Debbie and Liam.moreless

      I have been a fan of shameless since the very first episode, and unlike other shows I won't mention that are usually well past their sell by date by season five,shameless once again does not falter. This show never ceases to amaze, shock, humour and surprise me.It is by far the most realistic fictional show on television,a show in which most people can relate to in their own lives ie:everybody has a person or persons in their lives who are just like Frank or mimi and the gang.By the way I LOVE the Maguire family, it was a very wise decision making them permanent characters on the show, it made the departure of kev and veronica a little more bearable.Ciaran Griffiths the actor who plays Mickey Maguire is fantastic a real gem,he has me in stiches everytime he comes on and I LOVED Tina Malone[Mimi Maguire] in the episode about her weight,it was most definetly a classic.Oh and we need to see more of EyeCandy Aaron McCusker[Jamie Maguire]a lot more,anyway can't wait for my next weekly dose of the best british show on TV.God bless you Shameless for making Tuesday nights one of the best on TV.moreless
    • Franks' love affair with a woman he meets on the bus.

      This is one of my least favourite episodes of Shameless as it's less comedy value than narrative, where we learn that Frank has been assigned to a restart course to keep his dole money coming, and en route, he meets Rosie, who'se husband is severely disabled, and Frank has his way with her (how does he get the women again ? ) eventually she has to leave and Frank admits to himself he wanted her. Meanwhile, Norma has a date with Yvonne's sister-in-law, Shel, and Yvonne is taking her relationship with Stan further, shocking some of the residents of Chatsworthmoreless
    • Fresh in your face drama with a great sense of humor

      Shameless is in a catagory of its own. There isn't really anything like this anywhere.

      Close to the knuckle, close to reality, close to pure brilliance.

      Shameless does what all good British drama does, and shows life in the raw. No picture perfect people which perfect homes and perfects lawns; the sets reflect a part of life most Writers tend to avoid or cover poorly.

      Shameless can of course be somewhat surreal at time, when comedy takes the front seat, but for that reason its more than justified.

      The fact that so many people think this show to be shocking and outragous helps to highlight how little is known about working class life. Theres very little in this show that I cant relate to my own life and (more so) people I know. For those of who live on Council Esates in and towards the North of England, we can vouch for the fact the Shameless is a pretty good reflection on real life. Shameless is pure entertainment and Frank is a charecter which will become a TV legend!moreless

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