Shameless (UK)

Season 4 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2007 on Channel 4
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Episode 2

Frank’s desperate to keep the fact that he’s still married to estranged wife Monica from Sheila, and Monica’s not making it easy for him. But Sheila can see that she has competition for Frank and sets about trying to reunite Monica with her estranged lesbian lover. But is Monica still a lesbian?


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    Another great episode, though not quite as brilliant as last week. Firstly, the emphasis was more so on Sheila, who I'm not the biggest fan of, rather than Monica and Debbie as in 4.1. However, I even liked both Sheila and Frank more than usual in this episode.

    I've started to enjoy the Maguires though - Paddy on the horse whilst being questioned by police regarding a missing horse was just classic! Jamie looks like he'll be interesting.

    Norma looked fantastic after getting dressed-up. I couldn't believe it was the same person when we went back to a baggy plan t-shirt in the next scene.moreless
  • Sheila gets her Uma Therman on as another Maguire makes his way onto the Chatsworth estate ...

    Last year when I heard that Maxine Peake and Ian David Whatshisface wouldn't be returning to Shameless for it's 4th season, I was a bit gutted. Kev and Veronica over the first three seasons have played a pretty big role in the show so I thought it would be a very difficult task filling their shoes. But I must say, having the Maguires move in next door to the Gallaghers is a pure stroke of genius by the writers. From what we've already seen of the Maguires, we have gotten the impression that they're just a gang of thugs - they still are of course but the introduction of Jamie Maguire looks like a step forward to, dare I say it, criminal decency (I'm aware this isn't a phrase but I really didn't know how to word that sentence).

    I did enjoy watching the Chatsworth estate's fear of the released murdering Maguire and is it me or did he look way too young to be a convicte murderer and to have served 10 years? At what age did Paddy have his son murder people and this episode really makes you think what kind of parents the Maguires are. The only one without violent tendencies it seems is Mandy, and even she isn't exactly a good girl having a baby at 18. And also, it's blatantly obvious that Jamie and Kelly will be rocking each other's jailhouses pretty soon. I liked the pervert interactions between the two, but was Kelly always this much of a bike last year?

    Jamie Maguire is hot though. Nice butt. And when Paddy was on the horse and Stan came round asking if they had seen a missing horse to which he replied "no", I was in stitches.

    And so we move onto the plot with Monica/Sheila/Frank. Now firstly, what is unbelievable is that these two women are fighting over Frank Gallagher. Frank Gallagher for god's sake! He's not exactly fit. I loved the Kill Bill fantasy at the beginning with Sheila in an The Bride-esque outfit, and I just think Sheila is absolutely hilarious. Norma is also a good addition and I thought the conversation between she and Sheila on the toilet was a good touch to the episode until Frank entered naked. I also loved the fight in the changing room with Sheila's "Are you bisexual or are you just gay?" in that Sheila tone of hers. However, I do find Monica slightly annoying in that she is not just a complete and total slag but she's using her children as an excuse to be nearer to Frank.

    And why are the Gallagher kids so underused this series so far? Ian in particular has had nothing of any real importance to do except for be an extra, as is the same with Carl and Lip appeared in about 2 scenes tonight. After quite a substantial amount of screentime last week, Sue and Marty completely disappeared this week. What's going on? Many people have been against this season so far and this could be the reason why potentially.moreless
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    • Karen: You're still a fu*k*ing perv.
      Jamie: You What?
      Karen: You came into Jez's room last night and you started getting off with my dress.
      Jamie: Was I sleep walking? Look I sleep walk.
      Karen: I don't know what you were doing but, you were bollock naked and you were groping my dress.
      Jamie: So you saw me?
      Karen: Course I did.
      Jamie: Well how much did you see?
      Karen: Everything. In detail, close up.
      Jamie: Who's perving now ey.

    • Jamie: Any chance of a job going?
      Jez: Urm
      Jamie: Job.
      Jez: Job?
      Jamie: That's right.
      Jez: Here?
      Jamie: Well this is your pub isn't it?
      Jez: Right, right. Well how much will you want paying for that?
      Jamie: Whatever the going rate is.
      Jez: I don't know.
      Jamie: Well make me an offer then.
      Jez: What do you pay for a protection racket?
      Karen: How the f**k should I know.
      Jez: How bout £80
      Jamie: A week?
      Jez: A day.
      Jamie: £80 a day. Alright.

    • Mimi: Do any of use lot know how this works?
      Carol: That's disgusting.
      Carl: What is it?
      Mimi: It's a balloon pump.

  • NOTES (2)

    • On its original airing this episode got 3.75 million viewers.

    • Kev & Veronica have been removed from the title sequence as they no longer appear in Shameless so to fill in the gap, some character's have been slightly extended with season 4 shots and more of Frank's narration.