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  • Best of the two

    I love this series Of course like 99.9% of all British shows, the original is always best. Its raw, real and gritty. The American version is a bastardization abomination that should have been aborted like William H Macy's face. I don't understand why everything has to be remade for Americans, its as if our population can't understand accents, like its some foreign language they can't decipher.
  • Love, hate Frank

    I am from the US of A and have become addicted to UK Television, UK by far has the best Television shows, I love and hate Frank Gallagher, because his plays a total dick, but sometimes he can be Smart and emphatic, love this show (the American version sucks). sorry to see it end.
  • why is therre no update

    how come everytime i come here there is no update on the episodes
  • Fictional account of life on a Manchester council estate.The story centres around the dysfunctional Gallagher family,with alcoholic,drug taking father Frank as head of the clan,his bisexual pregnant wife Monica and children Lip,Ian,Carl,Debbie and Liam.

    I have been a fan of shameless since the very first episode, and unlike other shows I won't mention that are usually well past their sell by date by season five,shameless once again does not falter. This show never ceases to amaze, shock, humour and surprise me.It is by far the most realistic fictional show on television,a show in which most people can relate to in their own lives ie:everybody has a person or persons in their lives who are just like Frank or mimi and the gang.By the way I LOVE the Maguire family, it was a very wise decision making them permanent characters on the show, it made the departure of kev and veronica a little more bearable.Ciaran Griffiths the actor who plays Mickey Maguire is fantastic a real gem,he has me in stiches everytime he comes on and I LOVED Tina Malone[Mimi Maguire] in the episode about her weight,it was most definetly a classic.Oh and we need to see more of EyeCandy Aaron McCusker[Jamie Maguire]a lot more,anyway can't wait for my next weekly dose of the best british show on TV.God bless you Shameless for making Tuesday nights one of the best on TV.
  • Franks' love affair with a woman he meets on the bus.

    This is one of my least favourite episodes of Shameless as it's less comedy value than narrative, where we learn that Frank has been assigned to a restart course to keep his dole money coming, and en route, he meets Rosie, who'se husband is severely disabled, and Frank has his way with her (how does he get the women again ? ) eventually she has to leave and Frank admits to himself he wanted her. Meanwhile, Norma has a date with Yvonne's sister-in-law, Shel, and Yvonne is taking her relationship with Stan further, shocking some of the residents of Chatsworth
  • Fresh in your face drama with a great sense of humor

    Shameless is in a catagory of its own. There isn't really anything like this anywhere.

    Close to the knuckle, close to reality, close to pure brilliance.

    Shameless does what all good British drama does, and shows life in the raw. No picture perfect people which perfect homes and perfects lawns; the sets reflect a part of life most Writers tend to avoid or cover poorly.

    Shameless can of course be somewhat surreal at time, when comedy takes the front seat, but for that reason its more than justified.

    The fact that so many people think this show to be shocking and outragous helps to highlight how little is known about working class life. Theres very little in this show that I cant relate to my own life and (more so) people I know. For those of who live on Council Esates in and towards the North of England, we can vouch for the fact the Shameless is a pretty good reflection on real life. Shameless is pure entertainment and Frank is a charecter which will become a TV legend!
  • AMAZING.. None stop laughs

    This is a great program that never gets old. I have watched every single episode and am in love with it. It's one of teh best things to come out of Britain. Each episode it seems to be more witty, funny and down right kinky. Everyone should watch at least one episode of it because its a comedy classic that i hope never stops so many people i talk to about it say its not the kind of thing they are into but Shameless has something for everyone, even if your one of those people who squirms at the naughty stuff.
  • Shameless is about to start Season 4 & continues to get even better every series. One of my favourite shows.

    Shameless is a great show that's not like everything else you've seen before. By focussing on a main family 'The Gallaghers' you can really relate to all the characters and the battles that they face in the world that they live.

    Shameless is by far one of the most hilarious shows on TV today, with it's over the top storylines and dysfunctional characters the show is a comedy classic. And every season the storylines get even more over the top but always offer you that comic spark that shameless has become known for.

    One of the reasons I love shameless so much is that it never shy's away from the topic that it wants to portray, and if they want to show something they'll show it in the most detail that they can. This in my opinion is what makes the show such a success.

    I can't wait for season 4 to start as it looks set to be one of the best seasons to date. And with season 5 following next year shameless looks set to continue on it's reign of classic British comedy.
  • Nice one!

    I love television. Watched it since the late '50's and enjoyed everything, even if I hated myself for enjoying it. However, there are shows that stand out and Shameless is one of them. I think that Alan Clark produced some of the best drama on British TV, even including Ken Loach and Dennis Potter. On comedy, the UK has birthed or succoured a comprehensive list of talented writers that Greece was not ancient enough to pre-empt. Shameless is brilliant. It is Ken Loach and Ian Pattison (Rab C Nesbit) in concert, it is Dennis Potter and the Pythons. David Threlfell plays Frank Gallagher, a wastrel philosopher whose genes will inherit the earth. His family are an absorbing, entertaining, sensitive magnet for our attention and affection. They are challenging and rude, but I'd live there, it is urban Manchester and welcoming. Forget the comedy for a minute and I'm most reminded of Alan Clark's 'Road'. Threlfell and Maxine Peake ( the best in ' dinnerladies ') are like Dudegeon and Horrocks. They provide adult acting and the rest of the cast are not far behind. If you do nothing else on a Saturday night, buy this DVD. It will brighten up your life.
  • The Gallaghers are Manchesters funniest family. Shameless lets us know there giongs on on the Chatsworth estate.

    Since episode 1 I have been hooked on Shameless, the bizarre storylines make it so good to watch. Since the start we have seen how the Gallaghers cope without hopeless dad Frank, with older sister Fiona and her new bloke Steve acting as parents. The end of series 2 saw the sad departure of Fiona with Steve pregnant with Craigs baby. Complicated I know. Frank bought his child total up to 8 wheen Sheila gave birth to twins on the same night that not for human consumption meat made its way round Chatsworth estate ready for christmas. With all these departures we thought it would be hard to watch the show but Shameless went one better and introduced us to a brilliant new family. The McGuires, these were Mandys family, who had set up home with Lip Galagher and there daughter Katie. The show in my opinion gets better as it gets more bizarre. From one night stands to drugs to shootings and semtex going missing, shameless becomes unmissable. Paul Abott the shows creater was ont something big with his ideas and the cast add to the greatness. Producing now well known film star James McAvoy (Steve) and his new wife Ann Marie Duff (Fiona)
  • When it comes down to Shameless what is there to say read on and find out :)

    Shameless fantastic show which has just recently (actually yesterday) finished airing its 4th season. Shamless is an absolutely genius show which takes place in the chapsworth estate and follows the life of a family named the Gallaghers. My favourite character in the show is definetly Paddy Maguire the irish hard man who lives next door this guy is absolutely hilarious and will stop at nothing to get his own way. At first Shameless strikes you as very crued and to a certain extent at first but once you get used to the nature of the program it becomes a blast from start to finish and i would definetly recommend it to anyone over 15 years old.
  • This show is amaaaazzzzziiiiiinnnngggggggggg!!!!!!

    I think this is the best show i have ever watched. It is so different to the others tv programs and it definitely helps that Jody Latham is one of the main characters because he is gorgeous. I make a point of never missing the show and I can watch the episodes over and over again. After watching the first episode of series 1 i became hooked and haven't missed it since i know i sound sad but i promise this is the only program that i can say i am completely and utterly addicted to. The characters are amazing (and are well played by the actors) and it is extremely well written, the storylines are hilarious. I love it!!!! :D Thumbs up definitely!!!
  • about the gallager family who live on an estate in england probably not the best portrayal of english life but funny all the while.

    i like this show for many reasons mostly for the amount of fighting or swearing in it because these people dont live the best lives but they love each other and have fun all the while. in my opinion frank gallagher is a rubbish choice for a main character he is often annoying missing drunk or not there i think lip would be a lot better because he is involved in the story more than frank and funny. i dont mean to sound mean but as the series have gone on the gay content has gone up and this has resulted in a lot of people stopping watching the show myself i tend to close my eyes untill its gone! but all the same it could still happen but be a little less \'graphic\' lol
  • My Favourite Show on TV! I would love to "Paaartee" with the Gallaghers!

    Best tv currently on tellie! Hillariously funny while at the same time bitterly sad that this is 'reality' for many. A great show has u feeling and loving all the characters and this is the first show in a long time that does this for me. Love that it shows human frailty and all the issues and differences we share, showing if the Gallaghers can live with love in their house with a terret's arsonist, a homosexual, a drunk, a perscription druggie step mom, a punk, a lesbian mum, the loving mum figure in Fiona, her criminal boyfriend, a chain smoking hyped up neighbour and the head of the family really being an 8 year old girl, then we all could have a lot to learn from this show then we bargained for. Love the cast and the script is pure genius! 10 out of 10 for me and please Ch4 / SBS ( Australia) please don't kill this show off too quick!
  • Whats not to love about this! No Shame it watching it!

    This really is British comedy at its finest. Its not like any other British comedy I've seen before but its incredibly addictive viewing.

    I've seen dysfunctional TV families before, but the Gallaghers are certainly up there with the best. (They probably are the best!)

    Each family member has their own reasons for being dysfunctional, but they manage to pull together. Its like whenever something terrible happens "You always have family"

    Franks introduction at the start of each episode is funny and accurate he gives a great short description of all the characters.

    The Family (Bare in mind I have only seen Season 1 and bits of season 2 so its not up to date!)

    Frank it seems is always on a permanent Bender! he always gets into fights (or he just gets beaten up!) The rest of the Gallaghers would have it a lot easier if he wasn't around. Frank moved in with an agraphobic woman and ended up cheating on here with her daughter who was also her sons girlfriend! Hardly the role model father (Thank God for Fiona!!!)

    After her mum left She took it upon herself as the oldest to be the mother figure for the rest of the family. Its simply amazing how she is able to do the job so well! She is great at getting the rest of the family to do their part to nmake things easier.

    Lip (Phillip)
    The oldest son. Isn't exactly as responsible as Fiona, he seems more interested in making smart arse comments at the appropriate times and pissing people off. Despite all this he's very intelligent!
    Probably my favourite moment of the series is when he beats the crap out of Frank (His Dad!) for sleeping with Karen (His Girlfriend) He often confides in Ian and vice versa.

    Seems to be quite responsible for his age, but he has a dark secret - he is gay, and Lip is the only one who knows. Thats as far as I have got,He has been having an affair with Kash - a married muslim with kids!

    I haven't seen much of Carl yet, maybe he'll be more involved in later episodes. He seems very a little bit crazy, (they all are I guess!) hes obsessed with boobs and he does a great Gollum impersonation!

    Hands down Debbie is my favourite character! She is the most generous of all the Gallaghers. (As Frank says "She'll go out of your way to do ya a favour!") There is a bit of a sinister side to her too which I noticed in Episode 4 of the first season when she stole someones kid.

    Little Liam (the youngest Gallagher) Aparrently he is prone to fits! He doesn't have much screen time by whenever hes on he simply steals the scene! His facial expressions are simply great to watch sometimes!

    There are other characters - Steve whos Fiona's boyfriend, he also helps out in taking care of the kids. Also theres Kev and Veronica who are fantastic as the supportive neighbours.

    I truly haven't enjoyed a show like this for a very long time! There is nothing like it! I think I might be completely obsessed with it, its that great!

  • you just have to LOVE it, it's just so different from anything else :)

    Shameless is highly addictive, it is one of the best comedies on british t.v. It basically follows the life of a family in Manchester which to put it simply is a tad messed up. Each indivual in the family has their own problems, which lead to great storylines, it never fails to make me laugh.

    Shameless combines humour and drama in a way that produces a brillaint show

    and its back was back last night:D YAY
  • I love it and you will too, i can't wait 'till the next series

    There isn't a day where i don't watch Shameless I Love it. I remember seeing the trailers for it on channel 4, weeks before it came on and thinking 'i have to watch this'. I have been a fan since the first ever episode i even got my friend into it. You can't beat it, it's comedy and reality all rolled up into one. Do not miss it believe me its worth watching!!!
  • Cant wait till next series.

    This is such a good show with so much crammed into one episode. The second season was not as good as first one, because it wasnt as funny. Frank Gallagher (the dad) is always drunk, Fiona (eldest daughter) is always helping out she is what keeps the family together, Lip or Phillip is always getting into trouble, cant remember the rest of their names, not seen it in a while but there is the closet homosexual who is inlove with his boss, there is the bald-headed one who shot someone in series two, theres the younger sister who doesnt do much and the youngest brother who is hardly ever seen. This is a good programme basically as they are all so dysfunctional but great to watch and I cannot miss an episode of this no matter how tired I am.
  • this show is probaly one of the best show's i have ever seen, mainly because it is realistic and you dont get many shows like that any more.

    Ive watched shameless since it started and have been hooked i love the show to bits and cant ever seem to get enough of it. It has a superb cast who sell the show well, many people will be able to find themselves able to relate to at least one of the shows characters because it is so down to earth. The storylines are great and fresh and the comedy factor is alwasy there speacialy with Veronica. If you have never seen this show i suggest you should, i would say it was like malcolm in the middle, just with swearing (loads) and more realistic but so funny.
  • this is a great show

    I love Shameless and it's the best show on british television.It a shame that Fiona had to leave the programme and I dont know what will happen because she was the main's down to earth and realistic but the Christmas special was a bit over the top,when the army turned up