Shameless (UK)

Season 4 Episode 1

Season 4 - Episode 1

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2007 on Channel 4
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Season 4 - Episode 1
The Gallaghers' return for a fourth series, and its Lip's 18th birthday but not all is going to be clean sailing as there’s a few surprises ready to hit him. First the Maguires expect him to do something for them. But the biggest shock of all is his long-lost mother Monica turning up out of the blue with a bombshell that could turn their lives upside down.moreless

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    This episode made me very happy that Shameless has returned to our screens! As always it managed to combine humorou with touching scenes and a bit of drama. I'm sad to see Kev and Veronica go - but that news scene was priceless, firstly the news flash was so very realistic and then seeing Veronica screaming and running like that was very true to the character!

    Monica seems promising, especially if she continues to stir-things up a bit. I can't stand Frank and I'm not the biggest fan of Sheila but it will be interesting to see them interact with Monica. Norma's presence also looks likely to cause some future drama.

    The rest of the cast were all great this episode, some good acting from Debbie and Philip's birthday was hilarious - what with his real age being revealed.

    I also enjoyed the explanation of the barmaid's pregnancy - so Shameless!moreless
David Threlfall

David Threlfall

Frank Gallagher

Elliott Tittensor

Elliott Tittensor

Carl Gallagher #2

Jack Deam

Jack Deam


Jody Latham

Jody Latham

Philip "Lip" Gallagher

Johnny Bennett

Johnny Bennett

Liam Gallagher #2 (2006- Present)

Marjorie Yates

Marjorie Yates


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    • Monica: Nothing I do is ever good enough, and it's so hard being gay. You don't know how hard it is Ian.

    • Jez: Big beaver, I've got an ankle biter that wants a gaffer in your big hole.
      Debbie: Norma it's Debbie.
      Norma: Hey, no first-person breaker, they're reading all my mail here.
      Debbie: Mum's back and she says she's staying, did you throw her out?
      Andrew: Well could you live with a woman who hits you?
      Jez: Over.
      Norma: Did I f**k she's going nowhere you cheeky little. Hey you're making this up. My Mon's at base station where I left her ten-four.
      Jez: T-That's a negative big beaver ankle biter's straight up. Your good buddy beaver's returned to the Village of the Dammed and Alligator radio.
      Debbie: I think she needs you to fight for her.
      Elenor: I'll put some motion lotion in my pickle park, and stand on the hammer of me triple digit ride for the fastest ever flip flop.
      Jez: She's coming home.

    • Paddy: Now then what do you think to a full-mirrored ceiling?
      Mimi: Fabulous, as long as you're on top.

    • Carol: Oh, the leopard coat, where is it?
      Mimi: I haven't thrown that out yet.
      Carol: Oh well, wouldn't fit you would it.
      Mimi: Oh, well you can wear it then. On your face!

    • Carol: Oh my god, I don't believe it. Me own daughter a criminal.
      Lip: Sue did you know owt about this?
      Sue: Yeah they made me promise not to say. And what's happened to Marty. Oh god what've they done?!
      Monica: And these are your neighbours?

    • Yvonne: Three biggest lies eh?, Big is beautiful. Your cheque's in the post and I won't come in your fucking mouth.

    • Carol: Oh if they've done a runner I'll have to move.
      Sue: They haven't done a runner Carol.
      Debbie: Look if Kev and Veronica were doing a moonlight flit, they wouldn't take Marty with 'em would they?

    • Paddy: So you're grown man Philip, come of age. And with that comes responsibility.
      Lip: A Knuckle duster!

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