Shameless (UK) - Season 5

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Jan 13, 2004 In Season


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  • Season 5 - Episode 16
    When Manchester experiences an earth tremor, Monica's waters break and she goes into labour. On the other side of Chatsworth, the same tremor knocks Frank off of his barstool and puts him in a coma. Monica's refusing to have the baby unless Frank is present, but how long can she keep her bun in the oven? While he's out cold in his hospital bed, Frank experiences an alternative world: a life where he is a success, where Ian isn't gay and Debbie looks like she'll never leave home. It's the world as Frank would have it; or is it? Carl is finding new success with girls by posing as a single parent. It's all going very well until his latest target runs off with the baby. Meanwhile, Shane has a proposal to put to Kelly.moreless
  • Season 5 - Episode 15
    While enjoying another secret rendezvous, Debbie and Tom are forced to come to the aid of an assaulted woman, but things go horribly wrong when Tom gets arrested on suspicion of being the attacker. Only Debbie can supply his alibi, but not without putting both of them in a compromising position. There's a gruesome showdown between Shane and Paddy over Shane's girl, leaving Mimi torn between her love for her husband and the love she feels for her son. When Norma wakes up in a stranger's jogging bottoms after a night on the tiles, she sets off on a wild goose chase to find out whoever it was she slept with.moreless
  • Season 5 - Episode 14
    After Mandy gets arrested for suspected drug running she forms the most unlikely of friendships and finds herself helping Tom search for his real mother. The friendship, however, soon becomes something deeper for Mandy and with the help of Ian, she sets out to win Tom's heart. But do Tom's affections lie elsewhere? Mimi's short fuse gets the better of her when she harms her favourite son, Micky. Desperate to rein in her temper she attends anger management courses and gradually evolves as a new, sensitive woman - and responsible drug dealer. Seeing his business going down the pan, Patrick despairs and knows he has to get his old Mimi back or they'll go bankrupt. In an attempt to impress a new girlfriend, Carl enlists Karen as his personal sex counsellor, but is he getting help or getting off?moreless
  • Season 5 - Episode 13
    Mandy looks set for an upturn in her love life when she's persuaded to go on a blind date by Karen, Jamie and Ian. It seems she's struck gold and is onto a keeper, until her first night of sex and drugs turns into a nightmare. Finding themselves with a corpse on their hands, Karen and Mandy have to work out how to get rid of the evidence before they're charged with murder. It's a long night for the girls as they drag a heavy wheelie bin around the estate...moreless
  • Season 5 - Episode 12
    When Stan gets caught in the crossfire between Yvonne and her kids, a full-blown row puts their relationship on the rocks. Things go from bad to worse when Yvonne finds herself held at gunpoint in the shop. Stan comes to the rescue but any hopes of this leading to an easy reconciliation are thwarted when the gun goes off and Stan lies bleeding amongst the cut-price yoghurts. Monica starts to panic when she discovers that the delivery date for her baby could be sooner than she thought. Faced with the unbearable last weeks of pregnancy and dreading maternal failure, she concludes that the only way through is to face her fears, bring on the birth and get it all over and done with. Carl announces that he's going to join the army. After all, there are some good perks: lots of travel, learn a trade and the girls love a guy in uniform. But can he really put himself up as canon fodder?moreless
  • Season 5 - Episode 11
    When Paddy is caught on camera for an armed robbery and could face 20 years inside, Mimi begs him to call his brother, Noel. He's the only one who can help. But Paddy has a dark history with his sibling and would rather go to jail than ever set eyes on him again. As the reality of his situation dawns, he realises he has no choice. The Gallaghers find themselves three grand in debt to Mimi after Frank inhales a box of her drugs, and it seems that Ian is the only one who can bail the family out. But when his business venture fails, Ian finds he has nowhere to turn. In an act of desperation, he steals money from the till at the Jockey but things quickly spiral out of control. The status quo gets altered in the police house when Carrie becomes a sergeant. Tom is peeved that Carrie is exploiting her new position, but a chance comment leads him to discover a dark secret in Carrie's past, which means he can regain the upper hand...moreless
  • Season 5 - Episode 10
    Jamie's ex-cellmate Mark comes to stay, but Karen doesn't trust him and the battle lines are drawn. Karen's got a fight on her hands if she's to prevent Mark from leading Jamie back into a life of crime. When Carl gets poor grades in his GCSEs, he realises everybody thinks he's a failure. So he sets out to prove them wrong and, with a little bit of help from Paddy, finds his real talent in the boxing ring. Yvonne gets a shock when she hears that her daughter Meena has arranged her own marriage. Meanwhile, Norma finds herself on a date. But is she over Monica yet?moreless
  • Season 5 - Episode 9
    Monica has an unexpected visitor, her mother Joan, who no one's seen for twenty years. Suddenly all Monica's childhood insecurities come flooding back. But Joan has a secret, she's got Alzheimer's disease and has a very important task for Monica but, she can't remember what it is. When Stan confesses to Yvonne that he's got a soft spot for her he gets a little more than he bargained for, in the stock room, up against the shelves and behind the frozen goods. Yvonne is a woman with physical needs but does she want this to go any further because, Stan certainly does. When Paddy and Mimi take a holiday, Shane and Mickey decide to throw a party. The only problem is, they've no cash to buy booze and drugs and when they enlist Liam to help them with a money making business venture, they soon find themselves outsmarted.moreless
  • Season 5 - Episode 8
    On the bus to a re-start course, Frank has the briefest encounters with a beautiful stranger. Debbie invites some members of the church to stay, but has she got an ulterior motive. And Lillian's assigned to a witness protection programme.
  • Season 5 - Episode 7
    When there is a gas leak at the Gallaghers along comes a sexy fireman named Sean. He gets the attention of Ian and Mandy but which one of them will win the race to get the Sean into bed? Also, Carl finds himself in a risky situation.
  • Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Paddy makes a deal that effects Shane's love life. Katie lands in big trouble when she makes an honest mistake. Mandy demands the Gallaghers throw out one of the other tenants. Frank's son, Liam, searches for his dad to comfort him. Meanwhile, Ian and Mickey find themselves in grave danger.
  • Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Frank tries to bond with his daughter by dishing out advice. Debbie gets involved with a local election, which leads to big changes in Chatsworth. Kelly gets a secret admirer and Yvonne finds herself the target of a violent gang. Meanwhile, Stan must try to regain control of his life after a terrible accident.moreless
  • Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Everyone in town thinks that Frank has come into a great deal of money. Debbie knows the truth about Frank's fortune, but Frank won't listen to her. Karen and Jamie continue to have marital problems, and Jamie grows suspicious of Frank. Will Frank listen to Debbie when someone close to him mysteriously disappears?moreless
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Episode 3
    The Gallaghers aren't happy when Monica makes an unexpected announcement. Everyone is busy getting ready for Mimi's party, but a problem at The Jockey interrupts the activity. Shane, Mickey, Ian and Jamie work diligently to fix the problem before it ruins Mimi's celebration. Karen is uneasy when a patron she has never met visits the brewery. Meanwhile, Tom and Carrie reach out to Stan because they are worried about his love life.moreless
  • Season 5 - Episode 2
    Mimi is forced to confront her deepest insecurity after an ex-boyfriend makes a cruel comment about her weight, and Paddy's inability to back up her up forces a wedge between the loving couple. And Carl takes offence when Ian becomes romantically involved with his teacher, ruining his chance at wooing a promiscuous fellow pupil.moreless
  • Episode 1
    Episode 1
    Episode 1
    Frank wakes up hungover and makes a terrible mistake that lands him in the hospital. Meanwhile, Lip is happy to be home and surrounded by loving people. However, his happy homecoming is interrupted when someone from his past resurfaces. Lillian is busy opening a new business and Karen steps up to take charge at the Jockey.moreless
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