Shameless (UK)

Season 6 Episode 15

Season 6 - Episode 15

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 05, 2009 on Channel 4
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Season 6 - Episode 15
After managing to upset everyone, Frank gets cast out for the night by Debbie and seeks shelter in a church confessional where, he overhears a neighbour's shocking story. Meanwhile, the marriage of Mimi and Paddy is beyond redemption, but the Maguires refuse to see divorce as an option, and Joe and Mandy's relationship reaches a new level. Also, Ian announces his intention to leave the Chatsworth estate.moreless
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  • Murder, murder, in the air. Frank don't listen, you'll only despair

    I like Shameless of late but since Danny kicked the life out of his dad (at least I think he killed him) there has been too much plotting and murder themeing the episodes. Last week was the plot to kill Kash and this week is Mimi and Paddy hire a hitman to bump each other off behind one another's back. I get the feeling that this theme may tie into Gerard Kearns (Ian) leaving the show but hope not as when he gets stuff to do he's a good character. Anyway after that gripe back to what makes this episode good. And that in one word is 'Frank'.

    When Frank ends up c**ping on the lawn outside at a funeral (which just happens to be for the Gran of Debbie's new student boyfriend) then Norma tells him he needs to listen more. Of course after that Debbie kicks him out on the street for a night and he ends up sleeping in the church confessional box where he decides to take Mimi's confessional. After that he ends up overhearing Maxine and Debbie's secret talk (about Carl and new student boyfriend) and also Yvonne and Stan talking about the insurance scams and Kash. Now Frank is overloaded with information he doesn't want to know so naturally comedy ensues. This is very funny and is on form we haven't seen in a while and definitely makes the episode.

    The other completely separate story involves Liam trying to give Ian a reason to stay rather than go off and travel. His very Naive attempts to get his brother and Micky together is sort of cute, something Liam usually isn't portrayed as due to his general intelligence. It's nice seeing him be a ten year old. Mickey however has no excuse for following his scheme which kind of undermines the whole thing.

    So a funny episode which was let down by a few things. Don't think much of Debbie's new boyfriend ,although nice use of a chair, problem I have is he reminds me of Craig from Series 2 a little at the moment. Hopefully he'll make a better impression later on ey.?moreless

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