Shameless (UK) - Season 7

Channel 4 (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Episode 16
    Episode 16

    Joe sets plans into motion to get him and Karen away from Chatsworth and enlists the help of the Maguires' arch-enemy, Roscoe. With Paddy out of the picture Roscoe sets about getting revenge on the Maguires and takes everyone in the Jockey hostage. Still feeling unwell, Mimi is both shocked and ecstatic to receive a new gift. When Karen starts to have doubts Joe becomes extremely violent but Ian has secretly tagged along.

  • Episode 15
    Episode 15

    It's Joe's birthday and celebrations are halted when he learns of his father's passing. Realising that life is too short he sets about making some drastic choices, starting with trying to get Karen to move away with him. However when the truth comes out everyone must face the consequences that follow. Meanwhile, Bruce finds a chance to shine when he fills in for Mimi as manager of the Jockey's football team and he sets up a gay five-a-side tournament. However Chesney is not as willing to 'come out' as the rest of the lads. And Maxine looks into finding something for herself and decides to explore her artistic side by volunteering to be a life model.

  • Episode 14
    Episode 14

    After being separated for months Mimi and Paddy finally agree that the time has come to make it permanent and apply for a quickie divorce. However, much to their confusion they find that their marriage was never legal. In order to save their children from sin they set about trying to get legally married and divorced in secret. With all of the unrest in his family with his parents' divorce, Mickey feels like an orphan and it falls upon Maxine and Ian to cheer him up. And Patty finds an opportunity to get Frank locked up thanks to a benefit scam and then righteously rallies around Libby to help save him from his fate.

  • Episode 13
    Episode 13

    Kelly's half-sister Tonya is left homeless and needs help to get her baby out of care. After hearing disturbing details of Kelly's past Mickey sets about seeking revenge on the man who was responsible: her father. Meanwhile, Libby has organised a pilgrimage to France for her mother, and Frank is her unlikely escort.

  • Episode 12
    Episode 12

    When the boxing club is threatened with closure Ian sets about trying to save Jock from the hands of Paddy Maguire but is he aiming his anger at the right person? Meanwhile, Mickey sets about becoming a fireman and Paddy finally pushes him too far causing Mickey to retaliate with a few home truths. Karen holds a talent contest in the Jockey. Libby is desperate to have a child before it's too late but with Frank dragging his heels she continues to try and get Liam on side. And, after everything that's happened Chesney is feeling alone in the world and is lashing out at everyone including Carl who sticks by him. When the boxing hall catches fire Mickey in a act of heroism saves the day.

  • Episode 11
    Episode 11

    When Liam befriends a World War Two veteran to help him with a school project he finds solace in the old man's company, but Libby spies on them and jumps to all the wrong conclusions. When Maxine's brother Bruce turns up on the doorstep he claims that he got the black eye from their father blaming it on a homophobic attack but when she confronts her father and learns the real story her loyalties are tested. And when Bruce charms Mimi into letting him stay at the Jockey it takes Mickey to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile, Karen is put out when Joe appears to have moved on by taking control of his life and attending anger management classes.

  • Episode 10
    Episode 10
    Shane is devastated to discover he's 'firing blanks' and while he frets, Kelly is reconciled to their future without children. Libby's attempts to set up a book club backfire when she, with Frank's encouragement, becomes an unwitting modern-day Robin Hood. Meanwhile, Carl and Chesney are back on the estate living undercover and, while others choose to turn a blind eye, including Paddy, Shane refuses to stand by and do nothing, teaching Jimmy and his gang a lesson they will never forget.moreless
  • Episode 9
    Episode 9
    Carl and Chesney attempt to outrun their troubles and end up in Wales. Back home, Maxine and Ian attempt to find out the truth and confront Jimmy, while Mimi isn't made welcome at the WI. Elsewhere, Mickey and Liam have been picked by the council to make a local community film in the hope it will inspire the residents of Chatsworth that their estate has been identified as the most run down in Britain.moreless
  • Episode 8
    Episode 8

    Shane asks Kelly to marry him but his dream turns to a nightmare when she turns him down. Elsewhere, Chesney holds a house party to get close to Sammy, but it all goes horribly wrong. Now that Libby and her mother are firmly nestled in the Gallagher house, Frank 'volunteers' to paint Patty's converted bedroom but Frank falls and feigns injury leading to a potentially disastrous face-off with Patty.

  • Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Frank's love Libby returns and her time away has only increased the passionate flame that burns in her heart. Meanwhile, Jamie focuses all his energies into giving his Madam, Michelle, whatever she wants in order to pay off Karen's debts. And Lillian invests in a new HD television to keep the punters happy, but soon realises she has purchased a conduit to the afterlife.moreless
  • Episode 6
    Episode 6

    The Maguires face a new conflict when Paddy announces that he's off with his new love interest D'Reen and that he's leaving them the family business but before he can, Mimi makes him guarantee the financial security of the family in the form of one last job. Things aren't much better for the Gallaghers when the bailiffs come calling, sending Liam off on a money-making spree which leads to some illicit gambling with Joe, leading Liam to take drastic action to make a point. Meanwhile, things are still rough between Carl and Ian after Ian's betrayal with Maxine. Jamie doesn't want to rejoin the family business but a turn of events means he has no choice. And Karen hits a new low in her illness when she starts to doubt her love for Connor causing everyone to realise the true extent of her depression.

  • Episode 5
    Episode 5

    Karen's home from the psychiatric hospital and Mimi does her best to ease her back in while keeping her illness a secret from everyone else. Jamie is struggling with the thought of living with Karen's illness but a chance meeting with a woman named Michelle may be just what he needs. Maxine is desperate to make a good impression at her parents' party so cajoles Ian into pretending to be her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Carl realises what he's lost by splitting up with Maxine and is determined to win her back. But he soon finds love and hate are two sides of the same coin when Mickey reveals a painful secret. And Kelly takes control of the brothel while Lillian is away and is soon making a fortune from an untapped market. Seeing her success Paddy wants in on the action but when she refuses he gives Chesney an offer he can't refuse.

  • Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Mimi gets a toy boy, Billy the Jockey football team's star striker, but her happiness is short-lived when she discovers her new beau is the not the man she thought he was. Meanwhile, Shane and Kelly encourage Paddy to get back into the dating game; only to have their proposal rejected. Unperturbed, Shane rallies his brothers together and arranges a night out for Paddy. Elsewhere, Frank is temporarily blinded by bootleg vodka. Rejecting doctor's orders to detox, the family take advantage of his blindness and set about turning his vices into virtues.moreless
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Jamie becomes increasingly worried about Karen as she sets out to prove she is more than just a mother, and the Maguires are left to pick up the pieces when her behaviour spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Liam's first true love is placed in jeopardy when Frank is summoned to school, exposing the lies he has created to cover up his Chatsworth life.moreless
  • Episode 2
    Episode 2
    Mimi takes charge of organising baby Connor's christening, beginning by relieving a devastated Kelly of her godmother duties, which leaves Shane to face the consequences as his girlfriend demands he stand up to his mother. Karen is finding life hard with the new baby and once again finds herself under the spell of Joe. Also, Paddy finds himself left alone to deal with the 'family business' which without the help of Mickey could have been life threatening, and later Paddy uses the ceremony reception to cleanse his soul in front of his astonished family. Meanwhile, Carl and Maxine start to come up with new experimental ideas for the bedroom which leads to an embarrassing encounter for Carl.moreless
  • Episode 1
    Episode 1

    The residents of Chatsworth estate prepare for Frank's 50th birthday, but the listless patriarch prefers to spend the day dwelling on his own loveless misery, until local librarian Libby catches his eye. Meanwhile, Liam inherits the responsibility of running the Gallagher household, and Karen worries about the paternity of her unborn child - due to arrive any day.

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