Season 1 Episode 3

Aunt Ginger

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2011 on Showtime

Episode Recap

At the night of the CYA awards, Fiona and Tony have sex in his police car in front of the church until kids coming from the church interrupt them. Meanwhile, Mandy who is in Ian's history class surprises him at work to thank him for coming to her rescue in history class that day. Ian interrupted their teacher's boring lesson. Mandy is obviously into him and wants to meet him that night, but Ian lies to her that he will work late because of their inventory night. Frank still stays at Sheila's house. It rings and she asks him to open the door. It's his son Lip who wants to see Karen. While they wait for Karen to get downstairs, Lip asks his father if that is his home now and Frank answers for the first time in his life something feels like home to him. Before Lip and Karen leave, Frank asks Lip to have Karen home by midnight. On his way home, Mandy surprises Ian again to walk him home. At the Gallaghers' home, Mandy tries to get closer to Ian. While he's out of the room to get them more beer, Mandy convinces Carl to leave the two alone. When Ian is back, Mandy practically jumps him. He tries to stop her, but she misunderstands his hesitation and tells him she's got a condom. Tony brings Fiona home and tries to make sure Fiona broke up with Steve, but a crying Mandy who storms out of the house interrupts them. Fiona says quickly good night to Tony and then goes inside to find out who did what to Mandy. Lip and Karen lie under a railway station and Lip asks what's wrong with Karen's mother that she can't leave the house, but Karen just answers what's wrong with his dad that he is such a drunk. Meanwhile, Fiona tries to get her siblings ready for school in a freezing cold house. Steve shows up to see Ian because he wants to know which game Ian wants ticket for. Kev joins them to eat his breakfast there because the Gallagher's borrowed his toaster from Veronica. He brought a bouquet of flowers, a delivery guy wanted to give Fiona. It is from Tony who thanks her for a night he will never forget. Fiona finds out that the gas bill is late. In the meantime, Frank enjoys his breakfast at Sheila's house when she announces to go to the store. When Frank wants to ask how, Karen kicks him to silent him and tells her mother she's got a feeling today's might be the day. Sheila gets in front of the door, but then she has a panic attack. When she starts screaming, Karen gets her inside and gives her her medication. She offers to go to the grocery store for her, but Frank chimes in, takes the money and leaves to do the shopping for them. Fiona has found out that they need $587 to get the gas turned back on again. Steve offers to loan them the money, but Fiona doesn't take his offer. She asks Steve to go as well as her siblings so they won't be late for school. Kev stays who is still eating breakfast. Frank arrives and takes their food. Before he leaves again, Tony arrives. He thanks her again for the other night and reveals that it was his first time. Later, she tells Veronica who came to lend them a fan heater out about that. She guesses Fiona slept with Tony to get back at Steve, but Fiona denies it. It knocks on the door and Fiona is confronted with a woman from the office of the Inspector General. She wants to talk to Aunt Ginger who ownes the house. The woman suspects Social Security related fraud, and that Aunt Ginger who Fiona believes lives in a nursing home in Wisconsin isn't cashing her checks but someone else. She tells Fiona she will be back the next morning to hand Aunt Ginger the next Social Security check in person to clear the whole thing up. Mandy's brothers, obviously mad about what Mandy told them, come to Ian's workplace to beat him up. He is able to lock himself into the storage room and his boss Kash tells them Ian is already gone because there is a back door to the alley. Karen walks Lip to the school where he is taking the PSAT for someone else. Meanwhile, Fiona finds Frank in the Alibi to ask him where to find Aunt Ginger. Frank claims he doesn't know anything about the fraud and Fiona tells him to get Aunt Ginger so the woman from the Social Security can question Aunt Ginger the next day. As soon as Fiona has left, Frank also leaves, swearing, to find someone he can pass off as Aunt Ginger. Ian finds Mandy and asks her why she told her brothers he attacked her and begs her to call them off before they can kill her. Meanwhile, Steve visits Fiona who is working in a food truck. He begs her to give him another chance, but she just tells him he doesn't know anything about her. Steve asks her to teach him, and she hesitates, but sends him away with his order. On the way home from the PSAT, Lip and Karen meet Mandy's brothers. Mickey, Mandy's brother, tells Lip that Mandy told them Ian messed with her and since Ian has been avoiding them the whole day, someone else has to get the beat down till they get to Ian. Lip tries to convince them to make an exception, but gets beaten up eventually. When Fiona gets home with Liam, she finds Frank with a man dressed as Aunt Ginger in their living room. Tony comes by to invite her to dinner with his mom. He tries to explain why he was still a virgin and assures Fiona that he gets her family. Once again, another Gallagher kid interrupts them when Lip who was beaten up pretty bad, comes home. Veronica takes care of Lip's wounds and his broken nose. Frank still tries to pass off the old guy dressed as a woman as Aunt Ginger, but Lip recognizes the guy as his old bus driver Mr. Perry. The rest of the Gallaghers come home too, also remembering their old bus driver. Fiona calls Kev to borrow his car so they can get the real Aunt Ginger, but Frank interrupts them to reveal that Aunt Ginger is not in Wisconsin because she died twelve years ago. Realizing they are in deep trouble, Fiona asks what to do now and Veronica has an idea. Veronica takes them to the nursing home where she works so they can find an old lady to pass off as their Aunt Ginger and Debbie finds just the right woman. That night, Kash helps Ian hide until Mandy's brothers are gone. Ian guesses it would be easier if he just slept with Mandy, but Kash tells him not to try to be someone else. Fiona, Veronica and Debbie bring their "Aunt Ginger" home and she immediately believes to remember the house, the furniture and offers to make them all supper. While Debbie shows Aunt Ginger her room, Mr. Perry wakes up and Frank takes him out. That night, the whole family takes some effort to make Aunt Ginger part of the family, especially Debbie bonds with her. Fiona answers the door when Steve comes to give Ian the tickets. Before he leaves, he tells Fiona she will find him in the bushes stalking her in case she needs him. On his way, he adds he saw her smile. Caught in the act, she stops smiling and throws the door shut. Meanwhile, Lip and Ian watch Steve being approached by Mandy's brothers who are still looking for Ian. Ian apologizes to Lip for getting beaten up, and Lip tells him he will have to take the beat down eventually. The next morning, Lip discovers Ian is not in his bed. He looks for him and finds the killing bat also missing. Debbie and Aunt Ginger prepare breakfast while Lip tries to find the bat. Frank arrives just in time to eat the eggs Benedict. Lip leaves and finds Ian waiting in front of Mandy's home to beat up Mickey first. When Mandy leaves the house, he runs after her to tell her he's gay. When the woman from the Social Security Department arrives with a Federal Agent, she is surprised to find Aunt Ginger. The woman named Abby tells Aunt Ginger she wants to ask her a few question and Aunt Ginger repeats the exact words Abby said. Abby tries to ask Aunt Ginger about her age, but she doesn't remember. In the meantime, Ian and Mandy talk about their situation. Mandy fears he is making it up so she calls off her brothers, but he assures her he thinks she's beautiful, but simply not wired that way. Later, the two agree to play a couple because both would benefit. Abby can't find proof of Social Security fraud. Before she and the agent leave, she announces visits every six months. She hands Frank the check and adds that Aunt Ginger won't live long since she's already 93. When Frank waves them goodbye with the check, Fiona takes the chance and grabs it to pay the gas bill. Later that day, they pack Aunt Ginger's clothes to bring her back, though Debbie wants to keep her there. Fiona believes it would help Debbie to show her the grave of the real Aunt Ginger and asks her father where to find it, only to find out he buried her in the backyard of the house. They bring Aunt Ginger back to the nursing home and Debbie takes the farewell very badly. Frank comes home to Sheila and finds her crying over a news report on TV. It 's about the woman Frank and his family passed off as Aunt Ginger who was missed because relatives came to visit. Sheila tells Frank that it is so scary out there, and he tries to comfort her. That night, Fiona gets ready to have dinner with Tony and his mother. She waits in front of the house, but doesn't get in. Then she goes to see Steve.