Season 1 Episode 9

But at Last Came a Knock

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Momma Gallagher returns and sends shockwaves through the family. While Deb discovers Steve for what he really is.

    Of all the great eps we have seen from Shameless in its debut year this one is probably the best for many reasons. This ep was both funny and heartfelt, what more can you ask from a top notch drama.

    This week Frank gets some good news, a settlement in court has come in but he can't get the money without his Monica's signature, his ex-wife. She gets little screen time but the time she has she sends shockwaves through the family saying she wants to take baby Liam with her and start a family with her lesbian trucker partner Bob. Frank Agrees on the condition she signs the settlement papers.

    Meanwhile, Deb is looking out for Fiona by finding out what is the deal with her aloof boyfriend Steve. She tracks him down in a well-to-do house in Chicago with his posh stoner mother. Steve is actually named Jimmy and is from a family of doctors. Steve tells Deb that he loves Fiona and wants to be there for good and tries to buy off Deb to keep her mouth shut.

    On top of all this Kevin want to foster the son of his first foster daughter and Kash discovers that Ian is cheating on him.

    But the real strength of this episode came in the scene where Fiona fights to keep Liam and show Monica that the real mother of the Gallaghers is her. Truly touching stuff. If you need a reason to watch this show, use this ep as a blueprint.