Season 1 Episode 9

But at Last Came a Knock

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2011 on Showtime



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    • Kate: Like you in the sack, make it quick.
      Frank: I wasn't quick, I was just busy that day.

    • Simon: I got a signed first edition of Harry Potter.
      Debbie: Overrated. Made a better movie than a book. And now with all those kid actors grown up, they're scarier looking than the villains.

    • Fiona: Hey. What do you think of Steve?
      Lip: Ass is kind of small; not really my type.

    • Veronica: Is your voice dressed up for Halloween?

    • Lou Deckner: Is that gonna be a problem, getting Monica to sign?
      Frank: No. Why-why would it be a problem?
      Lou Deckner: If memory serves, she was a summa cum laude cunt.

    • Debbie: Are you screwing my sister's boyfriend?
      Candace Lishman: If you're selling cookies, that's a hell of an opening line.

    • Sheila: Well, sometimes, sweetie, when people are in love, they don't tell someone everything for a reason.
      Debbie: That's like lying.
      Sheila: No, sweetie, it's just... it's a little editing.

    • Kev: Did you even have a plan back there?
      Frank: I was going to charm her into signing once she was there. How the hell was I supposed to know she would show up with ghetto Godzilla in a Peterbilt.

    • Monica: (looking at her kids) Oh, my God.
      Veronica: It's all right. I'm not one of yours. Just came to rubberneck.

    • Ian: What did I miss with Mom?
      Lip: You know how Dad's a total fucking asshole?
      Ian: Yeah.
      Lip: Turns out he's the good one.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "Not Gonna Play By Your Rules" by The Diner
      "The Luck You Got" by The High Strung
      "Bounce" by Beatbullyz
      "Breakneck Speed" by Tokyo Police Club
      "Hello Goodbye Take Care" by The Diner
      "Praise My Soul the King of Heaven" by First Com/BMG
      "Nowhere to Run" by The Nights
      "Training Wheels" by The Diner
      "Kings and Might-Have-Beens" by Saturn Missiles
      "Blockbuster" by Sweet
      "Rockadillo" by John McCarthy
      "Baby Blue" by Scanners

    • The sister of consulting producer Mike O'Malley, Kerry O'Malley, appears as Kev's fellow barkeep Kate.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: August 18, 2011 on More4
      Germany: March 19, 2012 on FOX

    • Alex Borstein, the writer of this episode, also guest stars as Frank's claims adjuster.

    • Joan Cusack (Sheila) is credited as special guest star.

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