Season 2 Episode 6

Can I Have a Mother

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2012 on Showtime

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  • GRAMMIE Rocks!

    Grammie Rocks! I love that freaking woman. Her addition explains SO MUCH about Frank and the entire clan.
  • Can I Have a Mother

    It was not a bad episode here today, but I did not like the brief succumbing to temptation by Jimmy and Fionna. Not believable at all and their relationship dying was something I hoped for.

    The new grandmother does create some interesting problems for the group, but it was not one of the show's better storylines and this was not one of the better episodes.
  • Peg Gallagher might be one too many

    Sometime in season 1, I wanted to understand how Frank turned out to be the adult he is. But at some point, I just accepted him for what he was. Now, the extended Grammy plot feels a bit unnecessary.

    The return of Steve/Jimmy though was a very much needed shot in the arm for Fiona, whose relationship plots have been a bit wandering.