Season 1 Episode 4

Casey Casden

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Debbie steals a little boy.

    Coming after last week's fantastic episode, Shameless' fourth episode outdoes itself by taking every character and giving us a little something to love, especially with the characters that haven't been featured as much or haven't been given as great of a chance to be likable.

    Instead of having another stand-alone episode revolving around a specific problem, we get a problem that is born out of something that happened in a previous episode. Debbie, who has sadly not been featured too much in the show, ends up stealing a young kid named Casey Casden by waving a Snicker's Bar at him and leading him back home. As a result, we get a huge effort on everybody's part to try and get the kid back to their family without being noticed themselves as the perpetrators.

    We also get some drama moments involving Kevin and Victoria. The final moment where Kevin reveals something about his past is out of nowhere, but certainly not unbelievable. And we also get some slight developments in Frank and Joan Cusack's character.. and for once, I felt like Frank's unbelievable personality wasn't overpowering everything. In fact, he seemed slightly normal here. Maybe we can get some more information about the Gallagher's in the near future. Also, I want to see more of Ian and his "girlfriend." It's a great way to explore his sexuality a bit more and play around with it.

    An all around great episode of Shameless.
  • Casey Casden


    Why a girl would steal a baby to have a new friend is a pretty odd plot movement, but I guess everything about this show cannot be great. Still, there was some great Frank moments, some very odd interactions, and overall some positives, even if this episode was a little too over the top (yes, even by Shameless standards) for my taste.