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I loved this episode of Shameless even more than the pilot. I am not writing a full review but just some discussion points. So here is calling all Shameless fans to discuss the episode here. I know we are not as strong in numbers at TV.com compare to other shows but there should be enough of us.

There will be spoilers !

As we all know, Shameless is a show that can brings us tears and joys, sadness and humor all in one episode. Some moments will borders near ridiculousness. Let's start with that...


1. Would Veronica go from not being able to have any babies in one season to having three at the same time?

2. Would a kid (Carl) does what he does in class and not get caught?

Funny but kind of sad:

1. This week's episode is very much about Lip not getting any girls. We are so used to lip getting all the girls and it is kind of sad and funny that no girls are giving him the time of the day. Well in the end, the girl who ends up using him. Fun and sad.

2. Carl is always fun to watch and seeing him trying so hard to get a new liver for Frank was kind of sad too. What is he doing in the photo? Have a guess or go watch the episode if you have not. It's the last scene.

3. It was really smooth and fun to see Fiona being successful at her work but because of her up bringing, it seems she finds very hard to hold on to a normal relationship.

4. It was kind of nice to see Debbie in a relationship. I know he is 20 and she is only 13 and it is somewhat creepy but I am okay to see them together as long as there is no sex! He seem to be a genuine, nice guy.


1. I predicted since last episode that Lip will not adjust to the new environment. He will get into big trouble and be back home very soon.

2. Fiona will break-up with his new boss turned boyfriend which would then put her job in jeopardy.

3. Veronica will lose her babies and then beg her mother to keep her baby.

Now I am hoping for all my predictions to be wrong especially point number three but this is Shameless after all so I am not hopeful.

I have not watched the British series so I do not know what is going to happen so no spoilers in the comment sections please from those who did watch the UK version.

That's all folks !

PS: Sorry if you find it hard to read, I am not a professional and I do not have a lot of time to proof read it more than twice.
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