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I loved this episode of Shameless even more than the pilot. I am not writing a full review but just some discussion points. So here is calling all Shameless fans to discuss the episode here. I know we are not as strong in numbers at TV.com compare to other shows but there should be enough of us.

There will be spoilers !

As we all know, Shameless is a show that can brings us tears and joys, sadness and humor all in one episode. Some moments will borders near ridiculousness. Let's start with that...


1. Would Veronica go from not being able to have any babies in one season to having three at the same time?

2. Would a kid (Carl) does what he does in class and not get caught?

Funny but kind of sad:

1. This week's episode is very much about Lip not getting any girls. We are so used to lip getting all the girls and it is kind of sad and funny that no girls are giving him the time of the day. Well in the end, the girl who ends up using him. Fun and sad.

2. Carl is always fun to watch and seeing him trying so hard to get a new liver for Frank was kind of sad too. What is he doing in the photo? Have a guess or go watch the episode if you have not. It's the last scene.

3. It was really smooth and fun to see Fiona being successful at her work but because of her up bringing, it seems she finds very hard to hold on to a normal relationship.

4. It was kind of nice to see Debbie in a relationship. I know he is 20 and she is only 13 and it is somewhat creepy but I am okay to see them together as long as there is no sex! He seem to be a genuine, nice guy.


1. I predicted since last episode that Lip will not adjust to the new environment. He will get into big trouble and be back home very soon.

2. Fiona will break-up with his new boss turned boyfriend which would then put her job in jeopardy.

3. Veronica will lose her babies and then beg her mother to keep her baby.

Now I am hoping for all my predictions to be wrong especially point number three but this is Shameless after all so I am not hopeful.

I have not watched the British series so I do not know what is going to happen so no spoilers in the comment sections please from those who did watch the UK version.

That's all folks !

PS: Sorry if you find it hard to read, I am not a professional and I do not have a lot of time to proof read it more than twice.
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2nd ep. definitely better than the Pilot. Not sure why Fiona lied about the car, the guy was an asshole and she flipped him off. Happens all the time, normally without the psycho stopping and getting out to beat the car with a baseball bat. I did find her waiting for someone to back up a bit silly, any normal person would have backed up and sped out as soon as the nut job got out of the car with a bat!
Is the storyline following the UK version? Not sure why that'd be the case especially now that it's in the 4th season.
Tough start for Lip, looks like they are setting him up to return home in frustration, didn't feel sorry for his 2nd effort to "hook up" with the girl from the neighborhood, he was already pretty cadish with his Tutor, much worse with the other girl, he needs to get shot down a bit, I suppose that's what his struggles in school are supposed to demonstrate..
When the boyfriend ask Fiona why she lied? She said it was because she is a Gallagher. She was joking but there is some truth. Her background and up bringing plays a part. Sometimes it is just easier for her to lie. I think it would be difficult for their relationship. The guy had a loving family (at least from what we saw) and is kind of a goody two shoes. You can see Fiona obviously think he is nuts about making a big deal about not calling. Fiona needs a slightly bad guy who is still responsible. I sort of think Fiona backs down and make up with him partly because of her job and the benefits especially medical. Again, sad but true.

"Pilot" Duh I mean First ep. of season 4!!!
Is there any chance that V's mom isn't really pregnant with Kevin's child?
I should add that I know she really is pregnant, I'm just wondering if it could be someone else's child?
Good idea. It actually would be less creepy if she was indeed pregnant with someone else child. Imagine the siblings growing up in the same house having different mothers and I bet Veronica will not look at the children the same way.
did you really think it was about Lip not getting a girl? I thought it was so much more about him not fitting in, not being the smartest or the best at what he's doing, and ultimately about him being so alone.

There is not a single episode of shameless in which he's truly alone, he always had Karen, Mandy and Ian (and the whole family too, sure), so I thought Lip's storyline this week was about a pretty smart teenager who can't fit in a new environment!

That scene when everybody knows the answer to a question and he's just looking around combined with the little speech from that girl were pretty much a slap in his face.

Great episode and good discussions points!
Thanks !

Over the 2 episodes it was about him not fitting him. You can see he feels more comfortable playing with the kitchen boys. This episode does focus more about him not getting girls (that is the comedy part of the show). As you have mentioned, he was always with Mandy and Karen. He was the stud back home. Here he can only end up with the less attractive girl who ends up using him too.

It seems the show is setting him up to return home but I really hope he toughs it out and do well here.
Great writeup!

I also really enjoyed Lip's tough week, overestimating his chances with both the class tutor and a girl from his neighborhood. Johanna Braddy (Greek) played the tutor, and was impressively charismatic working with Jeremy Allen White. Here's hoping she's back next week.

You may be right on the Veronica and Kev front, but man would it be cruel if they lose the babies. Four kids does seem nearly impossible for them to handle at once, but I really do hope the writers can round out this arc towards a happy ending.

Most importantly, that ending! Frank has another daughter?! And she's older than Fiona? Bombshell. Here's hoping there's some clever casting ahead so that the story is an enjoyable one rather than a soap opera-ish distraction.
Hey, thanks for reading. I was hoping you will be doing a weekly review so I do not have to :-)
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