A Shameless Community
Sunday 9:00 PM on Showtime

As you start to plan your midseason TV schedule, don't sleep on Shameless. Your favorite TV family of 2013 will soon return for a fourth season, and they'll be scattered all over Chicago. Lip has finally entered the college years, Ian ran away, Debbie wants to run away, and Fiona is back to focusing on her love life, with her boss Mike hopefully replacing Jimmy/Steve in our hearts (assuming, of course, that you're happy the show dumped the Jimmy/Steve storyline in Lake Michigan, as I am).

Despite all that, Showtime's newest trailer is trying hard to sell us on the Gallaghers' newfound financial success: Fiona is making enough money at Worldwide Cup to afford school lunches, and Carl *might* not end up a serial killer. There's always a lurking danger, though. The suddenly clean-shaven Frank may finally be thinking about changing his life for the better after Fiona's impassioned speech in the Season 3 finale (which earned spot number 69 in our Top 100 Everything of 2013) challenged him to stay alive, but with Fiona and the Gallagher clan headed boldly toward a lower-middle class lifestyle, can Frank resist the temptation to bring his family crashing back down below the poverty line? We're thinking it might just be another long winter in Chicago.

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