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Apr 07, 2014
Shameless Season 4 Finale: "Lazarus" (Spoilers)

Holy Smoly! That was one heck of a season finale it would be a "shame" not to discuss. I'll list some points to get the ball rolling.....

- Deb at least saying she has to wait until she is 16 to have sex with Matt. I was slightly disappointed no one told her that it is ok not to rush that whole experience but her saying being 16 is a step.

- Carl getting dumped. There was obviously a bad past for Bonnie but I really liked their somewhat innocent/ rule breaking relationship.

- Fiona realizing everything that happened was her fault. Like her P.O. said she's an adult and you can't blame others.

- Lip getting treated like "Pretty Woman". I dig how twisted Amanda is. IMO it looks like he is developing "love-ish" feelings for Amanda and enjoying college (hard work and all). Are him and Mandy done ...Read more
Apr 01, 2014
Shameless Theory: What if Ian...
I've just caught up to the penultimate episode of Shameless. I think the episode was great, it had the perfect balance of comedy and tragedy. But I'm not here to talk about the episode as a whole, instead I want to discuss a theory I have regarding Ian and Mickey.

I wasn't very pleased when they introduced Ian back into the show this season, he just seemed like a totally different character from when we left off in season 3. What could have happen to him that he went from angsty teenager to working at a gay bar?

But it struck me today: what if Ian is bipolar? He could have easily inherited bipolar disorder from his mother. Just think about it, he wanted to enlist in the army and once he was in there he wanted something different. And if he is bipolar how will that ...Read more
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Nov 16, 2013
Can Shameless avoid following in the foot steps of oh so many shows on Showtime and sustain its quality?
We've seen it before with the way Dexter came to an end, the steady drop in quality of Californication from season to season, and especially with what's happening on Homeland this season; with a few exceptions shows on Showtime seem destined to disappoint us at some point, have us reminiscing on the glory days of the show.

I love Shameless and am so excited for Jan 12th, but in the back of my mind I'm nervous to see if the top notch writing continues or will the show become a microcosm of what it was for three straight seasons. Maybe I'm just pessimistic after being so utterly disappointed in Homeland this season, but do you guys think that at the end of the day we'd look back at Season 4 and say it was the start of the end?
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