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Season 1 Episode 11

Daddyz Girl

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2011 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Tony comes closer to discovering what Steve is doing, while Fiona makes a new friend. In the meantime, Lip helps Ian look for his father.

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  • Daddyz Girl

    I was not offended by the sex scene at the end, but wow, this show has gone completely off its rocker and I am loving it. While I expect the backlash to be great after this, it was a huge chaotic ending and while not the craziest yet, still insane.

    But Ian searching for his real father, I thought his paternity test proved to be a pointless and unnecessary development and I was not really interested in this storyline.moreless
  • No Sheila at all this week, which was weird for two reasons. 1.) If she doesn't leave the house, where was she when Karen was banging Frank? 2.) I was under the impression Joan Cusack is only signed up for this season.moreless

    A few days ago, I rewatched "Nana Gallagher Had an Affair" and wondered why there were two episodes left in this season of Shameless. "Nana Gallagher" felt like the culmination of everything we've seen this season, but it left enough loose threads, and introduced enough new ones, to set the table for season two. I enjoyed "Daddyz Girl," and it had plenty going for it, but I was left with the lingering question of why I'm seeing these story elements now. It just feels like an odd and incomplete coda following last week's episode.

    We began with Fiona, who was drafted to join Debbie's classroom moms group after Monica skipped town. Debbie had been getting harassed by the other kids for never having shown up with a parent, and despite Fiona's hesitance to be judged by the kids' equally awful parents, she acquiesces. It was the first time we'd really seen one of the Gallaghers interacting with normals. Back in "Casey Casden," I wondered why Fiona wouldn't think it was a feasible option to explain that Debbie, a child, made a huge mistake and ask for leniency. Obviously she thought the Gallaghers were seen as such scum they wouldn't get the benefit of the doubt. But how much of that was reality and how much was Fiona's perception? I'd say Fiona is exaggerating the family's untouchable status, but not by much. The classroom moms delight in cutting Fiona down for no apparent reason. But in the process, Fiona meets Jasmine, a mother of three and self-proclaimed "dirty girl" who insists on positioning herself as Fiona's BFF by plying her with booze and intimately kissing her goodbye. I'm curious about who Jasmine is and what her motives are, but is this the time to introduce a new character like this, one who clearly isn't dropping in for a single episode? I'd say no, although I loved the scenes between the two of them and can only hope Smart will come aboard as a season two regular. Their friendship could be a great element for next season.

    Speaking of next season, I assumed the identity of Ian's father would be something the second season would explore, if only because Ian's love triangle should be keeping him too busy to deal with much else. But there was no Mickey or Kash this week, just Lip pressuring Ian into finding out who his real father was. Lip is living vicariously through Ian. The DNA tests were his idea to begin with, and even though he wasn't lucky enough to have come from someone other than Frank, if Ian can benefit from it, that's a decent consolation prize. But, understandably, Ian has some reservations about the whole thing. His family and his identity are what they are. And what Ian gets from his family that he probably wouldn't have gotten had he grown up with Clayton, the upstanding Gallagher boy, is the lack of judgment. When Ian told Lip last week about his romantic entanglements, Lip's eyebrows barely raised. Being one of the ghetto Gallaghers has its advantages.

    "Daddyz Girl" did deliver a great standalone story for Frank, who gets his workers comp benefits cut off after private investigators collect several clips of him looking plenty able-bodied. He has to find a job he can get injured on so he can reboard the gravy train. This could have been more of the same Frank chicanery we've seen all along, but something about having Carl and Debbie tag along to "learn the family business" elevated it to something funnier and more touching than it had any right to be. Debbie's unconditional love for Frank is always nice to see, and Frank's touchy-feely work bestie was an absurd bonus.

    On to Steve, whose reign of grand theft terror looks to be coming to an end now that Tony has caught onto him. The battle for Fiona between Steve and Tony is an odd one, since the show hasn't necessarily demonstrated that either of them is a good match for her. Tony seems sweet, but I'm just as suspicious of his motives as I was of Steve's, as his interest in Fiona seems equally paternalistic. Still, he catches Steve in the act, and knowing full well busting Steve wouldn't have the desired effect, he tries to convince him to skip town on his own.

    And last but not least, we have Karen, whose story I put off until the end because I didn't want to expend so much energy early on. Following the purity ball debacle, Karen goes into a spiral, acting out in even more extreme ways than she was before. First she starts her own vlog, then smashes out her dad's car window and wigs out on Lip before finally mounting Frank while her webcam captures it all. Surely I can't be the only one who thought Karen and Frank's will-they-or-won't-they tension had been resolved weeks ago. Anyone who watched the U.K. version thought it was only a matter of time, but after flirting with the idea early on, I thought the writers were trying to draw a clear line in the sand between the original character and his American counterpart. And there still are major distinctions. Frank did his damnedest not to give into that particular temptation for whatever reason and apparently only did it in this case because he was hopped up on pain pills and Karen took advantage. It isn't as much an illustration of who Frank is in this case as much as it is a plot driver. And I think we can definitely assume by now that Karen is pregnant.moreless
  • For a show as dirty, raunchy as shameless as "Shameless," this episode was pretty darn shameless.

    Shameless has clearly not cared at all about how horrible the Gallagher family comes off as. They're dysfunctional and they do dysfunctional things.. that's a given. But this episode took everything that the show has thrown at us before, stuck it in a pot and mixed it together and boiled until we get the final result, and it isn't pretty. I like where the final episodes of the show are going, but boy, it's pretty ridiculous.

    All the plots we've been given in the last few episodes, let alone the whole season, have sort of been building towards this. We get some pay-off with the purity ball that Karen went to with her dad.. it's clear she was furious with her father, but her reaction is so over the top that one could only wonder going into the episode where it'll lead us. We also get some pay-off (somewhat) with Tony's hatred for Steve and also with Lip and Ian's search for Ian's real father. Some of these are more successful than others, but it's clear that with one episode left, the show is leaving some stuff up in the air still.

    But the one thing I have to mention, since it's such a huge game-changing moment for multiple parties, is the sex between Karen and Frank. Frank, who's half zonked out on Oxy and alcohol, goes down to see if Karen's okay and Karen quickly seduces him and has sex with him, despite the fact he doesn't want to. And she films it. Like I said, it's pretty sketchy. Obviously, the actress playing Karen is older than 18, but dear God.. it's still a strange moment.. and older man having sex with a young teenager that happens to be dating his son.. oh yeah, and he's dating her daughter. This is Frank at his lowest, and I hope there's some major payoff for all parties.moreless
Louise Fletcher

Louise Fletcher

Grammy Gallagher

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Lindsey Ginter

Lindsey Ginter


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Brad William Henke

Brad William Henke

Hal Hollander

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Tyler Jacob Moore

Tyler Jacob Moore

Tony Markovich

Recurring Role

Joel Murray

Joel Murray

Eddie Jackson

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Amy Smart

Amy Smart

Jasmine Hollander

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Debbie finds Fiona and Steve in Fiona's bed where Fiona sings the national anthem with her ankle behind her head.)
      Debbie: Am I going to have to learn how to do that when I start having sex?
      Fiona: This has nothing to do with sex.
      Debbie: Then it's even weirder.

    • Lip: He might be cool.
      Fiona: Ha, Frank's brother?
      Lip: He's got to be better than Frank, right? I mean, maybe he has a job or he's sober or he likes kids.
      Ian: Doubt it.

    • Frank: Shouldn't someone be watching you?
      Debbie: We're latchkey kids.

    • Gary: Six months ago, guy fell off a scaffold at McNally Construction. He broke three bones. I could send you over there.
      Frank: Sounds good, if it weren't for my fear of heights. What else you got?
      Gary: How do you feel about metal splinters to the eye?
      Frank: Not so great.
      Gary: Okay, look. Are you up-to-date on your rabies shots?
      Frank: No.
      Gary: Okay, what about seared flesh? Yeah, Bobby's Bagel Joint is hiring. I got a gal, she stuck her hand in the boiling vat. She'll be collecting for at least 24 months.
      Frank: Suppose if I had to. Anything else?
      Gary: Okay. Here we go. These are the jobs nobody wants. The conditions are hazardous, unsafe... or both. You're guaranteed to get hurt.

    • Ian: Look, he's going to be a douchebag, no matter who he is.
      Lip: He can't be any worse than Frank.
      Ian: He's a Gallagher.
      Lip: Maybe he'll take you to a game or... you know, kick in some scratch for college, or give you a kidney. Hell, a birthday card once a year... that's a win, right?

    • Ian: Do we know any cool dads?
      Lip: Scottie Hausten's father. But he's on the sex offenders list for jacking off in Sherman Park.

    • Carl: Come to work with your Dad?
      Daughter: No school. Budget cuts.
      Carl: Yeah, me too. Wanna go out some time?
      Daughter: I'm only 12.
      Carl: It's cool. I'm into older women.

    • Debbie: I don't like that you're getting hurt on purpose to make money. Isn't that cheating?
      Frank: I prefer to think of it as helping.
      Debbie: You do?
      Frank: Yeah. When I collect workman's comp, some lady has to fill out the paperwork. That's her job. If it wasn't for me, she'd be unemployed.

    • Debbie: Did you tell her, Jimmy? Family? Dropped out of med school? Different name?
      Steve: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just haven't found the right time yet. Okay?
      Debbie: It's unnatural for a kid to hold a secret for so long. I'm gonna crack.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Featured Music:
      "Not Gonna Play By Your Rules" by The Diner
      "The Luck You Got" by The High Strung
      "Miss Lucy" by Tom Brosseau
      "Hello Darlin" by The Rosebuds
      "Cup of Coffee" by The Novocaines
      "You Make Me Sick" by DevilDriver
      "Sad Sad Sad" by Hallo Kosmo
      "Say Go" by White Demons
      "I Ain't Waiting for You" by Bosshouse Music
      "Thunder and Lightning" by We Were Promised Jetpacks
      "Pyramid of the Moon" by Maserati
      "The Absolutist" by Extreme Music
      "Engine Side B" by Gomez
      "Street Feet Skank" by Funkdust
      "Love Drunk" by Alisha Pillay
      "Hey Hey Hey" by Death on Two Wheels
      "Crazy But Not Afraid" by Wild Yaks
      "Again and Again" by 5 Alarm

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: September 1, 2011 on More4
      Germany: April 2, 2012 on FOX

    • Shanola Hampton (Veronica Fisher) and Joan Cusack (Sheila) are credited, but don't appear.