Season 1 Episode 11

Daddyz Girl

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2011 on Showtime

Episode Recap

When Debbie comes into Fiona's room, she finds her singing the national anthem to Steve, with her ankle behind her bed. Debbie tells Fiona she has to go Debbie's classroom moms' meeting. Fiona hates these meetings and hasn't attended one in a while, but when their mother was there, she promised Debbie to go to this meeting. However, their mother left again, so Debbie begs Fiona to go to this one meeting and promises never to ask her again. Fiona gives in and leaves to get coffee. When she has left, Debbie wants to know if Steve has told Fiona about his real identity. He answers "soon" and she suggests "You better."

In front of the house, Fiona kisses Steve goodbye who leaves for work. Meanwhile, Tony and his partner watch the two from their police car. Tony wonders why Fiona loves Steve, and his partner guesses it's the Porsche Steve is driving. He suggests to let go and to find another "skanky hood girl" he can obsess about.

Fiona gets dressed for the meeting, but Debbie wants her to look nice which cuts out most of her wardrobe that has holes in it. Fiona goes to Lip and Ian to look for a sweater she can wear. Lip is on the computer and looking for their father's brothers to find Ian's real father. He asks Fiona for their uncles' names, but she can't help him and suggests to pay their grammy a visit.

One of the mothers named Jasmine Hollander greets Fiona when she comes to the meeting. Soon, Fiona has to endure talks about financing houses. When one of the mothers tells Fiona it has to nice not to have to worry about this stuff, Fiona sarcastically answers it gives her more time to buy drugs and fence stolen goods.

Frank comes home to wait for his paycheck. He finds Carl and Debbie playing videogames because of budget cuts they have no school every other Friday. When the mail finally arrives, Frank doesn't find a paycheck, but a notice that his compensation has been terminated effectiv immediately.

Lip visits Karen and finds her in the basement where she is listening to Heavy Metal music and painting the walls, still outrageous about her father calling her a whore at the purity ball meeting. Lip wants her to join him visiting his grandmother rather than continue being angry at her dad and destroying the things her father likes. When he adds that Karen also has been acted like a whore, she throws him out of the house.

Frank finds his lawyer Larry M. Burke who is icing the steps of a public stairway to confront him about the termination of his payments. His lawyer tells him he didn't lay low and shows him a video where Frank carries heavy boxes, jumps out of windows and runs. Burke suggests that Frank calls him again when he got hurt on another job and suggests to aim for the knee this time because it is better paid then ribs.

Fiona leaves the meeting early. Jasmine thanks her for coming tells her she would love to see Fiona attend more of their meetings. She adds Fiona shouldn't care about the other moms' opinions who just have to hide their own insecurity. She asks Fiona out for coffee, but Fiona rejects the invitation, but Jasmine can convince her to get a drink together.

Back at home, Frank cleans himself up to find a new job while Debbie writes him a résumé.

On their way to Grammy, Lip asks Ian who has been reluctant about their search for his real dad why he is not curious. Ian is convinced to find another douche bag just like Frank, but Lip doubts he could be worse than his father.

Frank takes Carl and Debbie to a job service to teach them about the family business. His friend Gary offers him a few jobs, but Frank wants his special list which contains workplaces where someone gets easily hurt. None of the jobs agrees with Frank so Gary writes down a list of jobs no one wants to take because the conditions are hazardous, unsafe or both.

Lip and Ian visit their grammy who is in prison. In exchange for a carton of cigarettes per week, she gives them the names of Frank's brothers Clayton, Jerry and Wyatt. She also adds that they don't have to bother Wyatt since he lost his testicles in the Navy.

Fiona and Jasmine play billiard in the Alibi Room where Jasmine tells Fiona about her life. When she has to leave, she confuses Fiona when she kisses her on her lips for goodbye.

Frank, Carl and Debbie visit the first workplace so Frank can apply for the job. Unfortunately, right at that time, someone else gets hurt which will shut them down for weeks.

When Tony gets back into the police car, his partner asks for the licence plate of Steve's car which Tony memorized and tells Tony that the car was just reported stolen, but not by Steve but by the owner. Tony asks his partner not to call it in for a while until he has talked to Fiona about it.

Frank visits the next workplace that deals with medical waste disposal, only to learn that quite recently they brought in a safety compliance officer who established all kinds of health and safety rules. When his new boss wants to show him his workstation, Frank bails.

Tony visits Fiona and tries to warn her about Steve, but she feels insulted and believes he only wants to bad-mouth Steve and asks him to leave. As soon as Tony is gone, Fiona fears Tony might found out about Steve illegal activities tries to call Steve who doesn't pick up his phone.

Finally, Frank takes a work in cabinetry that isn't safe at all.

Meanwhile, Karen has dyed her hair black and set up an internet page with her web diary called "Daddyz Girl" dedicated to her father. In her first entry, she tells about the purity ball incident and shows a tattoo on her left arm that says "Whore."

At home, Debbie, Fiona, Carl, Lip and Ian make cupcakes for the school party the next day and Lip and Ian tell about visiting their grandmother. Steve arrives and Fiona tells him about his fear that Tony suspects something, but Steve believes Tony is just jealous and promises to be careful. Outside, Tony arrives and finds out that Steve already changed the plates.

The next day, Lip and Carl take the car to visit Frank's brothers. When they knock on the door of Jerry, they see an identical twin of Frank, who slams the door shut when he hears they are Frank's sons.

At home, Fiona who is finishing Debbie's costume for the party wonders where the Xbox comes from. Debbie and Steve exchange looks and Steve quickly explains he borrowed them his own. Jasmine stops by with bags of clothes that doesn't fit her pregnant sister anymore and suggests to look what fits them. When Fiona and Jasmine have left to try the clothes on, Steve prepares to leave, but Debbie holds him off and makes him swear to tell Fiona the truth about him that night.

When Steve leaves the house, he is followed by Tony who watched the house.

Frank begins his new job. He learns that the guy who did his job earlier had to drop out because of an emphysema that was caused by inhaling chemical fumes. Frank starts sniffing at the cans until he learns that the guy worked for seven years at the company before he got sick.

Fiona and Jasmine try the dresses on and Jasmine offers Fiona a job at her husband's office who works as an accountant. When Fiona asks Jasmine why she is so nice to her, Jasmine simply asks her why she is such a freak and asks a question like that. Then she leaves to pick up her kids and once again she kisses Fiona on her lips.

Karen finds her father's car and smashes one of the car's windows with a hammer.

Frank's brother Clayton is happy to see Lip and Ian and shows them pictures of himself and Frank when they were altar boys. Much to their surprise, they learn that Frank was very devout at that time and that they used to call him "Father Frank." Clayton's wife Lucy wants to know why they came to visit and Lip tells them about a school project they are working on. Clayton reveals that Frank and he had a falling out a while back and he should have done something about it, then his wife asks him to help her in the kitchen. When the two have disappeared to the kitchen and start arguing because Lucy realized Ian looks like their own son, Ian grabs his jacket and prepares to go. Outside, Ian confronts Lip and tells him to the face only because Lip has a problem with Frank, he doesn't. He adds that he is happy the way things are and that he doesn't want to leave his family.

At work, Frank causes a spill, but when he tries to step into it, one of his coworkers saves him from the fall.

In a parking garage, Steve tries to steal another car, but Tony surprises him.

At work, Frank uses an opportunity, grabs a nail gun and shoots into his own hand.

Tony, who handcuffed Steve, brings him to an alley where he beats him up and questions him about Steve's organization. Steve offers to bring Tony in who declines the offer. Steve figures Tony won't bring him in because he would risk Fiona hating him forever and Tony agrees. However, Tony offers Steve two choices. One where Steve turns himself in, spends a few years in prison, but when he gets out Fiona and Tony are married. The other one is to disappear that night.

At the kids' party, Fiona meets Hal who tells her she will work for him.

On his way home, Steve's car passes Tony. He calls it in. When Tony joins the officers who stopped the car, he is surprised not to find Steve, but Ian and Lip.

Frank returns with painkillers and a bandaged hand to Sheila's house. He takes a beer out of the fridge and takes a handful of his painkillers. Then he hears Karen crying in the basement. He goes to her and asks if she is alright. At first, she tells him to go, but then she changes her mind and asks him to come back. She asks him about his injured hand, takes one of his pills, and starts undressing.

At the party, Fiona tries to get Steve to the phone who wanted to come to the party. Jasmine offers her some drugs to feel better, but then Fiona gets a call that her brothers were just arrested.

Meanwhile, Karen tapes herself and Frank having sex for her Daddyz Girl diaries.
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