Season 1 Episode 11

Daddyz Girl

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2011 on Showtime

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  • For a show as dirty, raunchy as shameless as "Shameless," this episode was pretty darn shameless.

    Shameless has clearly not cared at all about how horrible the Gallagher family comes off as. They're dysfunctional and they do dysfunctional things.. that's a given. But this episode took everything that the show has thrown at us before, stuck it in a pot and mixed it together and boiled until we get the final result, and it isn't pretty. I like where the final episodes of the show are going, but boy, it's pretty ridiculous.

    All the plots we've been given in the last few episodes, let alone the whole season, have sort of been building towards this. We get some pay-off with the purity ball that Karen went to with her dad.. it's clear she was furious with her father, but her reaction is so over the top that one could only wonder going into the episode where it'll lead us. We also get some pay-off (somewhat) with Tony's hatred for Steve and also with Lip and Ian's search for Ian's real father. Some of these are more successful than others, but it's clear that with one episode left, the show is leaving some stuff up in the air still.

    But the one thing I have to mention, since it's such a huge game-changing moment for multiple parties, is the sex between Karen and Frank. Frank, who's half zonked out on Oxy and alcohol, goes down to see if Karen's okay and Karen quickly seduces him and has sex with him, despite the fact he doesn't want to. And she films it. Like I said, it's pretty sketchy. Obviously, the actress playing Karen is older than 18, but dear God.. it's still a strange moment.. and older man having sex with a young teenager that happens to be dating his son.. oh yeah, and he's dating her daughter. This is Frank at his lowest, and I hope there's some major payoff for all parties.
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