Season 1 Episode 11

Daddyz Girl

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2011 on Showtime



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    • (Debbie finds Fiona and Steve in Fiona's bed where Fiona sings the national anthem with her ankle behind her head.)
      Debbie: Am I going to have to learn how to do that when I start having sex?
      Fiona: This has nothing to do with sex.
      Debbie: Then it's even weirder.

    • Lip: He might be cool.
      Fiona: Ha, Frank's brother?
      Lip: He's got to be better than Frank, right? I mean, maybe he has a job or he's sober or he likes kids.
      Ian: Doubt it.

    • Frank: Shouldn't someone be watching you?
      Debbie: We're latchkey kids.

    • Gary: Six months ago, guy fell off a scaffold at McNally Construction. He broke three bones. I could send you over there.
      Frank: Sounds good, if it weren't for my fear of heights. What else you got?
      Gary: How do you feel about metal splinters to the eye?
      Frank: Not so great.
      Gary: Okay, look. Are you up-to-date on your rabies shots?
      Frank: No.
      Gary: Okay, what about seared flesh? Yeah, Bobby's Bagel Joint is hiring. I got a gal, she stuck her hand in the boiling vat. She'll be collecting for at least 24 months.
      Frank: Suppose if I had to. Anything else?
      Gary: Okay. Here we go. These are the jobs nobody wants. The conditions are hazardous, unsafe... or both. You're guaranteed to get hurt.

    • Ian: Look, he's going to be a douchebag, no matter who he is.
      Lip: He can't be any worse than Frank.
      Ian: He's a Gallagher.
      Lip: Maybe he'll take you to a game or... you know, kick in some scratch for college, or give you a kidney. Hell, a birthday card once a year... that's a win, right?

    • Ian: Do we know any cool dads?
      Lip: Scottie Hausten's father. But he's on the sex offenders list for jacking off in Sherman Park.

    • Carl: Come to work with your Dad?
      Daughter: No school. Budget cuts.
      Carl: Yeah, me too. Wanna go out some time?
      Daughter: I'm only 12.
      Carl: It's cool. I'm into older women.

    • Debbie: I don't like that you're getting hurt on purpose to make money. Isn't that cheating?
      Frank: I prefer to think of it as helping.
      Debbie: You do?
      Frank: Yeah. When I collect workman's comp, some lady has to fill out the paperwork. That's her job. If it wasn't for me, she'd be unemployed.

    • Debbie: Did you tell her, Jimmy? Family? Dropped out of med school? Different name?
      Steve: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just haven't found the right time yet. Okay?
      Debbie: It's unnatural for a kid to hold a secret for so long. I'm gonna crack.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "Not Gonna Play By Your Rules" by The Diner
      "The Luck You Got" by The High Strung
      "Miss Lucy" by Tom Brosseau
      "Hello Darlin" by The Rosebuds
      "Cup of Coffee" by The Novocaines
      "You Make Me Sick" by DevilDriver
      "Sad Sad Sad" by Hallo Kosmo
      "Say Go" by White Demons
      "I Ain't Waiting for You" by Bosshouse Music
      "Thunder and Lightning" by We Were Promised Jetpacks
      "Pyramid of the Moon" by Maserati
      "The Absolutist" by Extreme Music
      "Engine Side B" by Gomez
      "Street Feet Skank" by Funkdust
      "Love Drunk" by Alisha Pillay
      "Hey Hey Hey" by Death on Two Wheels
      "Crazy But Not Afraid" by Wild Yaks
      "Again and Again" by 5 Alarm

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: September 1, 2011 on More4
      Germany: April 2, 2012 on FOX

    • Shanola Hampton (Veronica Fisher) and Joan Cusack (Sheila) are credited, but don't appear.

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