Season 1 Episode 12

Father Frank, Full of Grace

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Shameless' first season comes to a close.

    While I may have had my issues with the way the writers brought us from beginning to end, overall, I'm pleased with how insane the finale was. There was at least one death, plenty of humiliation, degradation and some somewhat tumultuous events. It also leaves me wondering who's returning next year and what in the heck they're going to do with these characters next. The plots this season were sort of here and there, appearing for a few episodes before disappearing completely. The show needs to figure out a long-term idea, or it'll lose it's novelty pretty quickly.

    The Frank/Karen plot was super random and only made sense because Karen's already seemed like a runaway train for most of the season and we already know Frank doesn't think before doing anything. Lip and Karen's father finally learn about what happened, and one of them is successful in their revenge and the other is not. I'm not sure if there's anything more sad than watching Karen's father tie a cinderblock to his feet and throw himself into an ocean. It's a particularly horrific end to a plot that was horrific to begin with. And I mean horrific in the traditional sense, as in scary and eerie and strange.

    And Lip, of course, gets plenty of revenge, trying to run his father over with a car, beating the crap out of him, and in one of the season's best cathartic and hilarious moments, pees on his head while Frank stands there, defeated and destroyed. What is a father to do when he screws up his life and everyone else's?

    Then there was a lot of stuff going on with Steve.. Steve has been a character that feels like it could've been interesting (it certainly was appearing that way towards the end) but as we approached the finale, it appears that he won't be around next season, which squanders a perfect opportunity to make him more interesting by having Fiona discover his secret. But whatever.. the core cast of the show is what makes it tick, and I'd rather have Kev and Veronica around more (even their weird polygamist foster kid) then him.

    But all around, Season 1 was fun, if not flawed. William H. Macy did an incredible job, as did Emmy Rossum and the actors who played Lip and Ian.. and I would be hard-pressed to say that Deb was right up there too.. and for me, if they used Kev more then they did, I'd have him right up there in my top three or four favorite characters.. my only wish for next season is that they tighten up the writing so that we're not getting all kinds of random crap thrown at us and instead get a single major plot line that carries out.. also, make William H. Macy a character that's a bit easier to like. I'm not saying make him a likable guy 100%, but at least make it so we can believe that this man cares about anything besides alcohol.. let us into their past! Let us see what it was like for him growing up.. right now, I'm not believing that anybody could be this dysfunctional without a horrific backstory.
  • Season Finale

    Shameless has been a very original show in its first season, so how fitting is it that it ends in a very cliched way at an airport? Fiona did not go with Steve, obviously, but there was no need for this romantic comedy here even in the season finale. It was a well-done show tonight all around that brought the funny, as well as those emotional moments. Great end to the first year of the new Showtime series.