Season 2 Episode 12

Fiona Interrupted

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Season 2 ends with some drama ...

    Ok, not the best episode of the season, but it kind of draws the line and shows us what to expect for the next season of this outstanding little drama with no shame. Karen puts Sheila in an awkward position and she has to choose between her daighter or her newborn grandson, she chose the little guy and Karen leaves home and also leaves Lip heartbroken. I had this strong urge to punch her a couple of times during this episode when she was constantly mentioning how repulsed she is by her kid. Lip then comes to his senses and returns home, he even passed his physics exam. Frank & Debs tried to kidnap Monica from the looney bin after she volunteerily signed up for another 2 months of observation because she wanted to get "normal" for her kids, meanwhile she is getting it on with her roommate played by Jenna Elfman (Seriously, how much more disgusting can Ms. Elfman get?) But instead of driving home she drove off to the dark with this psycho lesbian who shot her husband (26 times) screaming: "I love you Debbie!" Yeah, she is nuts. Fiona & Steve/Jimmy seem to be happy now and they are a real couple although Steve is still married to hot Estefania who got beat by her lover Marco and now lives with the Gallaghers and likes Lip (they make each other warm during the long cold November nights). And during this family dinner at the fancy restaurant they meet Steve's papa (Harry Hamlin) who is also a Ian's lover. That was such a what the hell moment. This show is amazing at those. Bravo. Another decent season. Showtime is a place to be. 7,5/10
  • A fantastic episode with alot of depth and drama...

    The show is great, surprising, fun and touching. but last episode was different with some epic moments. So rare to see such raw deep drama on tv.

    The episode is about the family coping with the mother's attempted suicide. the moments where they have to get back home, clean the blood from the kitchen floor; stop for a while and then realize what had happened. And burst into tears. go upstairs for a break from it all but as part of a group, there is inertia. Fiona is drugged back into it and has to comfort the kids. Emmy is absolutely talented and beautiful in this episode.

    The dialog was great and some dramatic moments where subtle and minimalistic. I was great and will be difficult to beat in the coming episodes.

  • Fiona Interrupted

    It was a solid episode, but the way this season progressed, for things to end like this was a little disappointing. The final image is Lip possibly getting cozy with Jimmy's wife? That shouldn't be how you wrap things up. At least they got rid of the Monica character, and while enjoyed tonight's show I cannot be the only one who felt a little slighted by what I saw.