Season 2 Episode 9

Hurricane Monica

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Huricane Monica

    Few will argue that this is the smartest show on television, but it was a really dumb episode tonight, particularly Sheila thinking her house was haunted. The football scenes, with the family grievances in the crowd, that was a bit odd either. A bit of a step back from previous weeks.
  • I don't think anyone wanted more Monica

    But it was a pretty solid episode. Fiona's struggle with giving up some responsibility to her mother really made the episode.

    Emmy Rossum deserves an Emmy nod this year.
  • 2.09 "Hurricane Monica"

    What a wondeful episode and Monica indeed is a hurricane. I am so glad this show is keeping it up because I was worried a bit during the first episodes of season 2 that it might stop being awesome (well, those first 3-4 eps were not the best). And I am totally happy to see Sheila & Jody getting it on! I wanted that to happen. Joan Cusack is a comedy gold and Zach McGowan is the hottest and sweetest guy on the show :) yay! Monica has got to want something, I bet she has some hidden agenda there, do never trust people who are too nice. I think she will hurt them again - much worse this time. Lip living with Steve & Esty? LMAO! I so want him to sleep with hot Brazilian Esty ;) and yeah, lots and lots and lots of sex in this episode. Mandy is pregnant and Ian got beaten up by her dad because he has no idea he was screwing his son instead. Damn it, I have a feeling Lip might eb the father. He slept with her a couple of eps back. Who can get 2 girls pregnant at the same time? Answer: a Gallagher!
  • Great episode, as always!

    Just great! The people behind this show are geniuses! From the writers to the actors!