Season 2 Episode 11

Just Like the Pilgrims Intended

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on Showtime

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  • 2.11 ''Just Like the Pilgrims Intended''

    Flawless. The only thing I am mad about is Fiona/Steve relationship. They need to get together now. This is the perfect time because Steve finally brought his wife's lover back - Marco is kinda obsessed with sex - he prefers it with an audience. And Steve gave him his fake IDs and his apartment lol. He is now officially off the hook. Estefania was one hot piece of a lady. And I do also have a problem with Mandy still sleeping with Lip (btw she is pregnant with her own dad who drinks too much and mistakes her with her mama, how sick is that!!!! - so Debbs is helping to collect as much money as they can to pay for Mandy's abortion) and she is apparently developing some feelings for him! Oh no, he always attracts the wrong gals. Speaking of the wrong gals - Karen finally gave birth to her baby but she immediately admitted that she NEVER even said it was his, he just assumed and went with it. And apparently she was doing it with some teenage boy with Dawn Syndrome and the baby is a Dawn too. That was such a sad scene because Lip even gave this videotape of him to the adoptive parents (but those people backed off, they couldn't handle it and Karen was obviously in it for $$$). This all happened while Monica was faighting for her life in the hospital because she cut her wrists during Thanksgiving dinner, poor woman needs help. She is not as bad as I thought, only bipolar. And Chloe Webb is great in that part, plus they have an amaying chemistry with Bill Macy. I could totally see them as a couple. And little psycho Carl is shooting birds now, yeah ... that kid is dangerous. Get him on some medication. Period. one of the final scenes showed sweet Sheila kidnapping/taking (not sure what the right word is here LMAO) her little babz y grandson and driving off with Jody. That broke my heart, it was so sad. I knew she would take him, that slutty Karen won't even look at him. Perfect episode. The next one is the season finale. That shall be juicy. 10/10
  • Just Like the Pilgrims Intended


    I enjoyed tonight's episode of Shameless. You had a lot of the edgy and witty humor this show brings on a weekly basis, but you also a bit of a shock with what Monica ended up doing. That bridge of comedy and drama is something this show does so well, and it was on display tonight.

    Strong episode, it definitely gets my recommendation.