Season 2 Episode 11

Just Like the Pilgrims Intended

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on Showtime



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    • Karen: Fuck Mother Nature! She doesn't have to worry about her vagina getting stretched. Ow!
      Jody: You were already pretty stretched out down there, Karen.

    • Carl: Little Hank has a rifle.
      Fiona: Little Hank's being raised by wolves.

    • Debbie: I think I'm depressed. I've been feeling kind of funky lately.
      Carl: Means you're gonna get your period soon.
      Debbie: It does?
      Carl: Don't wear white for a while.

    • Carl: Mr. Sam at the pawn shop's a douche. Wouldn't trade me an iPad for a Ruger.
      Debbie: No one's gonna let you have a gun, Carl.
      Carl: Little Hank gets to have one.
      Debbi: Because his dad hijacked a bunch of military cargo.

    • Steve: Your sister's driving me crazy. I don't know what it's gonna take for her to trust me. Again.
      Lip: Can you blame her? You know, you have a whole other family. First, your name was Steve, then Jimmy. You know, you disappear to Brazil. Come back married. You know, it's kind of a tough way to build up trust.
      Steve: I really am trustworthy, though.
      Lip: Yeah, well, you're gonna have to do something bold to prove it.

    • Lip: Holy shit... they're still fucking?
      Steve: Sometimes it's fighting. Can't really tell the difference.

    • Carl: I shot a duck!
      Conrad: That's no duck. That's a bald eagle.

    • Debbie: It says there was a re-release program in the Michigan Peninsula. They let out ten bald eagles that had been raised in the Detroit Zoo into the wild.
      Carl: And one of them came to me last night.
      Kev: You know, there is something on his leg.
      Debbie: That's a tracking device. That way, they can monitor where it nests.
      Fiona: So, somebody knows that we have it?
      Debbie: Probably.

    • Carl: (to Karen's baby) That thing looks weird.
      Sheila: I think he looks beautiful.
      Debbie: What's wrong with him?
      Fiona: He has Down Syndrome, Debs.
      Lip: Yeah, and he's Asian.
      : Maybe we're just looking at him upside down.

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