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Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2014 on Showtime
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Fiona gets an early release from prison and a mandatory job. Lip and Debbie catch up on house bills. Sheila and Sammi clash over Frank, who gets out of his delirium and faces an important decision about his health. Carl hopes to further his relationship with Bonnie. Mickey worries when Ian won't get out of bed, leading the Gallaghers to suspect he's bipolar like Monica.

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  • Lazarus

    The penultimate episode last week was a little stronger than this one, but this was still a solid closeout to a surprisingly strong year for Shameless. Karl's relationship in limbo was heartbreaking, as was the gloom prospect for Fiona.

    The big return happened in the closing credits with a certain character's return. We'll see how they handle that next year.
  • Cant wait for season 5

    Man what a finale ... Fiona getting out, Ian all strung out and Frank is back from the dead ... Think the next season has a lot in store for us. Fionas new imployer is a really good actor so his caracter is probably going to develope. And Steve/Jimmy/Jack is back in the hood. Allways loved them together allthough this means he will bring a shitload of trouble along. I have really loved to watch Lip step up this season facing the challanges of MIT and parenting his siblings and the developing of Ians and Mickeys relationship. My only worrie is what the hell the producers are thinking about 2015 no way i can wait that long .... need my Shameless-fix ... so move it up please.... please....moreless
  • Wow! Just absolutely wow! A bittersweet, beautiful, artistic ending to the most fantastic season of Shameless yet

    I'm not ashamed to say it, Fiona's homecoming scene with Debbie coming downstairs to find her making french toast made me cry. Fiona was coming back from what kept her apart from her family all season, her long downward spiral into darkness and despair, something I'm not entirely unfamiliar with. Just seeing that finally all of that pain was finally gone and like the episode title she was rising back up first got me tearing up, but what broke my heart was seeing the looks on Debbie and Carl's faces realizing they were going to have to tell her about Ian, don't get me started on that! I'd say my only, not complaint, but thing that upset me was after everything Ian and Mickey went through, finally together and out in the open and this happens! I have heard about such things happening with people who are bi-polar, the high high''s and the low low's, but never saw it in real life or portrayed in film and the fact that things like that can happen to people out of nowhere is terrible. The title of the episode is Lazarus, and Fiona is not the only one who rised up from a dark place, we have Frank who's awakening from the brink of death was a bit more of a rude, and hilarious one! His reaction to Sheila's craziness was funny as hell, and that led to the beautiful final sequence of him and Carl on a frozen Chicago beach yelling he was alive the cinematography was incredible! And of course that last scene, it's funny right before it happened i was thinking "I wonder if Steve isn't really dead and if will ever come back?" and than seconds later boom! This season of Shameless was different than it's first 3, it became a little darker and more drama than comedy, all of the characters were completely different than how we had ever seen them before, some better some for the worse. Mickey quickly became one of my favorite characters as both his character and his part in the show grew big time, man episode 11 he nailed it! Now that the actors who plat Debbie and Carl are a little older they both got to do more in the show than before, especially Carl. We saw that he was able to do more than just the odd "Carl is a Effiin weirdo!' thing and do some serious stuff and Debbie is more than just the sweetheart, and I am impressed with both actors and know they have bright futures in their careers. I'd say the one the most out of character was Ian, and now we know why, I was worried they weren't going to explain his strange behavior after the whole thing with Mickey went down, but they did. Lip's role this season was basically what Fiona's was beore, the family caretaker, he had to juggle both school and his family and rose to the task after some difficulty. I'm so sad that this season of Shameless is over, and if none of the actors win any awards well that would be BS! I will count the days until season 5!moreless
  • Jimmys back?

    Wow, great episode, and Steve is back? Isn't he dead? Cant wait for next season.
  • The Last Scene was Pure Gold

    The last scene with Frank and Carl was a marvellous moment of cinematography at its best. The music, the smile on Franks face and the boundless hatred the viewer feels towards him. The small girl in the hospital, Emily, died because she couldn't find a heart donor. Frank lives and spits on everyone who could have lived instead, drinks his alcohol. So much hatred invoked shows so much greatness found in this show. Astonishing job!moreless

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