Season 3 Episode 11

Order Room Service

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Hell froze over

    Where to start? Well, the beginning of the episode started with Fiona, in what were clearly the world's sexiest panties, doing a 180 on her position about moving to Michigan. And not surprisingly that made Jimmy/Steve more uncomfortable than he was before. And that is part of the reason I can't let go of calling him Steve. It is clearly who he wants to be, no responsibility and therefore no regrets. He may take some pride in helping to train Liam to use the big boy potty, but not enough to be happy in a real relationship.

    Lip asking Kev for advice on how to get away from a crazy chick was very funny. Those two have a great relationship, and clearly Lip is willing to listen to Kev about life lessons, Kev listens to lIp about math and science. So seeing Kev as a teacher, whose crazy exwife gave him a doctorate in dealing with crazy, was a nice touch. And the joke about putting together baby equipment way too early made it clear Veronica is going to make all of the decisions about the kid.

    Ian spent the whole episode wallowing over Mickey getting married. It felt a little forced. He was with Kash at the beginning of the show, with Jimmy/Steve's father, And I think I recall him telling the original Mandy he had been with another married guy when he outed himself to her. So I don't see why he would be so broken over the wedding. He himself said it would be a bad idea to come out as gay in their neighborhood, took a beating from Mickey's dad when he caught them going at it, and watched Mickey get beat to within an inch by the father over it as well. If Mickey was going to stick around the neighborhood, in his father's house or not, him going through with an empty marriage to a woman he may have knocked up makes a bit of sense. I don't get why they had Ian so unaware of those facts. He has always been fairly reasonable, I can see why he wouldn't necessarily be jumping for joy, but not why he would be that depressed and self destructive.

    When Fiona found out about the studio apartment, I really was a bit surprised that Jimmy/Steve didn't just tell her he had to have a place for Estefania in the same city. She would have been unhappy that he had stared making plans before he knew what she was going to do, but he could have talked his way around that. She knew Marco was gone and Estefania would still need Steve for the green card marriage. It would have been an easy lie, and one I would have thought he would have been ready for. I know the tension he was under from both sides of that story are what made him hang up on Esty when she was being questioned by INS, but still they could have found a number of ways to not have him pick up the phone.

    And having Fiona go off to the woods to get drunk and hit hook up with her boss a bit was too simplistic if they're going to use him next season too. She had a fight with Steve after he took Frank to Canada and hooked up with the cop-next-door (who I miss as a Then Stev left and she spent most of season 2 slapping uglies with various guys to forget about Jimmy/Steve. And now the boss from her temp job. If they are going to have her do this so often, a pregnancy is going to be the least of her worries. *cough* cough* herpes *cough*

    but the best part of the episode was Frank and Carl. Carl being the last Gallagher to still have some trust left for Frank made him the only target left for Frank to use to find a place to sleep. But having Carl so complicit in their "caper" was great. I loved the cop telling Lip that they caught him because his special security code was simply spelling C-A-R-L. A master criminal he is not. And having Frank come to his rescue was a great way to end it. The obvious thing for Frank to do would be to let them take Carl, and then tell the family he was a juvenile, non vilent crime, record explunged when he turned 18... blah, blah. But having him step up without being threatened to take the fall shocked me almost as much as it shocked Lip. And hopefully it shocked some sense into that little sociopath Carl as well.