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  • Shameless that finally somebody on TV is telling the truth!

    A realistic, frank telling of a functional, disfunctional family. This is my best friend's family from Syosset, New York, circa 1972! The characters are well drawn, diverse (as all humans are) and more important, these characters are interesting. The story line is unimportant, as long as this continues to be a character-driven series. The characters are well portrayed and well fleshed-out by the writing staff.

    Please continue to tell the truth about people and who we all are -- or 'reality television' will continue to teach the dumbshow of a false reality to the half-witted consumer. Keep up the good writing/ good work and please keep telling the truth. Outstanding.
  • UK vs US

    Okay, normally I'd say the UK version is better, but after watching both I have to say that the US version is by far better. I love Shameless!

    This show is unbelievably amazing... season 4 was so incredibly heart-wrenching with Frank and Fiona's characters. The part where Kev and a couple other bar-dudes come over to Sheila's house and brought the "Alibi" Bar to Frank because he was too ill to leave the house... that part where Kev pours him a non-alcoholic beer and Frank starts laughing and crying... that part was one of the most emotional experiences I've had with a TV show... just beautiful.
  • What a bunch of rolemodels!

    This is by far my favorite series this year, it's getting better with each new episode. Such a breath of fresh air, such a release from relentless mainstream patronizing. So funny, so real, so true.

    I hope this series never ends. :)

    The acting is brilliant, every. f***ing. one. of. them.
  • How messed up must these writers be?

    I love how they keep on coming up with these mindboggling story lines!! Keep it up shameless, you have a fan in me!
  • Love it !

    This is like watching Family Guy with real people. They are ruthless, funny and totaly shameless and yet they stick together ! Love the Characters too...
  • Funny, gritty, and completely shameless.

    Simply put; Shameless is a great show. I never really took to the British version (despite being British myself) but was coerced by a friend to start watching the American adaption - and I am so glad that I did. It's a brilliant portrayal of the lower class American family. With the brilliant William H. Macy playing the hilarious alcoholic patriarch Frank, and Emmy Rossum as the fearless and beautiful Fiona, the other characters are brilliantly cast from the rest of the Gallagher troupe to the kinky next door neighbors Veronica and Kevin. The storylines are shamless and gritty (I understand episodes in the first season are adaptions of the first two British seasons) and the actors are great in their roles. Would highly recommend to anyone.
  • Love this show

    Shameless is currently my favorite show, after watching once episode I fell head over heel in love with show and the characters. I loved the show so much I just start the UK series, and its just as good.
  • Brilliant

    This show is great! No idea how I've only just come across it, but now time to catch up!
  • Shameless - yeah, white trash exists

    This show is something perfect for me as a viewer. Never seen the original version, but this Showtime version is wonderfully engaging and a total guilty pleasure. All these actors shine in their roles but let's just say William H. Macy, Joan Cusack and Ms. Louise Fletcher shine a little bit more. Another great thing about this are the short seasons containing of only 12 episodes. This was w hit :-) 9,0/10.
  • Shameless Addicts

    Shameless is right up there with Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy! The whole family has a huge girl crush on Emmy Rossum. Wasn't quite sure about Mickey's character to begin with, but has one all of us over, he's just soo loveable. However when is someone going to put us out of our misery and get rid of Sammy!!!!!!
  • Cleverest amon them all!

    The coolest tv series so far from planet america...
  • Perfect Mix of Drama, Comedy and Suspense

    This show has it all. You will find yourself so attached to each of the characters because the writers really do a great job of getting us to care about this Gallagher family. It's just a feel good show about perseverance and the bond of a family. Very underrated show that is just fun to watch, takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions; from laughter to tears to sitting on the edge of your seat.
  • SHAMLESS is speachless

    this show is amazing weirdest family ever yet they're awesome

    i love ian and mickey they are so cute together :'(
  • MY life....

    Feels like its on hold since that last episode...

    Ian and Mickey are finally together!!!!!! YAAAAYY!!! But now sadly Ian is possibly bipolar. I can not believe they would leave us hanging with that! Carl soul mate is gone. On top of everything Jimmy/Steve/Jack is back!! I cant wait for next season!

    Mickey finally fighting for Ian and taking care of him. Lip possibly getting back with or at least helping Mandy while hes finally living the good life. Jimmy/Steve/Jack and whatever shit storm he brings with him this time. Franks back to his old tricks. Carl will be dealing with his broken heart. Debbie is still obsessed with that older guy. Liam growing up with his possible brain damage. I just cant wait to see what the Gallaghers have in store.
  • How the hell am i gonna last 8 months without this show!

    Biggest cliffhanger ever! I knew jimmysteve would be back! OMG. Cant wait for franks next drunk rant!! alot going on this season. Sad not to see the summervacation stuff. Iceweedtruck. LOL
  • Perfect

    Need i say more? :)
  • askin important Q.

    any one know when will be the next season ?

    i just came across this show by chance,

    dont know why its not it the top show's category, its REAL !!!!!! real life , real people , REAL Problems but around a great story.. makes you realize reality is harsh and for all you out there in a pampered world and being unappreciative of it suck it up... this show Rocks

  • Fantastic, Underated Show

    This show is absolutely amazing. Although I adore James Mcavoy and Anne-Marie Duff, I have to say I much prefer the American cast. This is one of those rare occasions when the American remake is actually better than the British original. By now, I think I must have ruptured something howling with laughter while watching this show.
  • the sins of my caretaker

    I find it hard to pick just one episode but this one has to be one of my facorites. I need the show to come back on. I would actually wake up in the middle of the night just to watch the new episode.
  • MACY & RAW

    Alright just take a second and forget about the original. It's not all about living up to it and exact adaptation of the British characters. The underlying objective is to realistically portray the situation a big family gets into when they're without parents & resources in suburban America. The trademark Gallagher toughness and unique head on methodology of dealing with any difficulties, no matter how fucked up it is. That is what this show sells and we willingly buy it because of the right casting of the main characters. They deliver in every shows. Its only up to the writers on how this show is carried forward.

    P.S: Kev & V's simply twisted foster child was really unnecessary for the show.
  • Can't talk - Bingeing on Shameless

    Great show, yeah, it is over the top with some of the truly shameless things going on, but what a ride.
  • as crazy as it gets

    cant wait to see what happens between between lip and the new girl toria/victoria that's lurking lusciously after him......... *thinkingoutloud
  • Awesome!

    Just started to watch this bc of a friend's recommendation and at first I thought of it as another drama series which I'm not really in the mood for but after watching the pilot episode, I'm hooked!
  • Why Kevin Ball From "Shameless" Is The Ideal Man


    ATTENTION ALL SHAMELESS FANS: Looking for a little "Shameless" humor? If you are, then check out this article on the qualities of Kevin Ball that makes him the ideal man!

  • hes good

    hes good
  • If you LOVE the normal imperfections in REAL people, you will love this show!

    I love this show, all of the GREAT! I just watched the whole two seasons in 3 days. It really got to me! I can wait till it starts up again.
  • I concur; kill frank.

    Please get rid of frank; super annoying (I even fast-forward when it shows him). The show would be a perfect 10 w/o him
  • In love with season 7!

    I'm basically obsessed with shameless to begin with but the latest season has just brought up so much character/story developing elements that really shake it up! I love this show because it is so raw and just shameless! It shows you the story of a crazy family in Chicago in such a unique way, nothing is off the table here. What i love most about the show is, that it makes me feel. you develop such an empathy for the characters and real, unglamorous emotions play a very big role in this show, which makes it so unique.
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