Season 3 Episode 2

The American Dream

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Frank continues to suprise us! Poor Debbie :(

    This episode was funny in ways but very sad in amazing how many different emotions I feel when watching this show. Seeing Frank give a baby valium was quite funny because its so absurd and only Frank would do that to get a baby to sleep. I was terrified for the baby yet when he said to Debbie "it worked for you" I felt a little reassured seeing as she turned out amazingly well (actually all the kids did). It was VERY sad however when Frank sat on Debbie's school project. So he didn't know what he'd sat on but he shouldn't have been in the room! He was blocked by the brothers from going upstairs but Frank conniving as always tricked his way up there by telling them he was leaving and then telling his mates to "charge" and then "pick a room any room". He chose to run into Debbie's room (probably because shes the only one who really loves him did) and lay on her bed. The others all try to get him up and out but to no avail and then comes fall onto Debbie's school project which she worked tirelessly for. The others are all completely shocked because they know how much it meant to her but Frank is oblivious as always. We see Debbie run out of the room and down the hall but she comes back with her pillowcase!!! Which she previously filled with bars of soap in case she got attacked at night while out on her own. At this point we see Debbie finally (or we think) realising what kind of person Frank is and she snaps (fair enough! about time) and she beats him repeatedly with the bar of soap while the others stand shocked. Eventually they get him out of the house and throw him in the rubbish where he belongs.

    After this point Frank stoops to an all new low and calls Child Protection as an anonymous tipster and tells them of the dysfunctional Gallagher family and how the alcoholic fathers beats them. I have a feeling he's hoping the kids will be separated and the younger ones put into foster care which will be very sad if that does happen :(

    Another part of the story was Fiona as always trying to do the best for her family by organizing an event at a club to make does not go well and she ends up losing money Lip being his genius self knows her plan won't work and so develops his own way of making money (telling people that some famous person is going to be performing a secret gig at the club and charging for parking).

    I really liked the ending with Lip yelling at Fiona for being so stupid and not listening to him previously. He repeats what he had told her before "When you're poor the only way to make money is to steal it or scam it".

    Love this show so much! Don't like the UK version though! William H Macy is such an incredible actor as Frank! The other actors are also all amazing!
  • The American Dream/Nightmare!!!

    Even tho we expect Frank to be a total jerk, most of the is usually SOME redeeming quirk, even if it is just the tiniest bit of humor. But it is almost unbelievable how low he will stoop to to get his own way. Poor Debbie, the only one of the clan (well actually the entire neighborhood) who is happy to welcome Frank home is just devastated by his actions - it was hard to watch as the realization of what pain he was causing her came over her face. And then when he decided to use the new baby as another pawn in his Of course this show would be nothing without Frank, I would like to see the boys beat the living stank off him!
  • The American Dream

    The show improved a bit off the season premiere, but for the most part the show does not have an identity this season. We get that they are troubled, but we need something long term for Fiona to face, for Frank to face, the prospect of Jimmy getting killed is not enough to keep us entertained and caring about all these individuals for the next 10 weeks.

    Some funny moments, and a fun show, but it can be better.
  • oh dam this geting good

    what i love about shameless that you never know whats going to happen . this was the best i see. would she give her ways fiona and let brother step up to the plat to take over the family. would she put a stop to it. her job she start get it right and bring the money. or lip say no do the old ways. not new was .frank is back to old ways with the baby and have it good. how long wold the house were h staying at get better or worst. jimmy what to say about him but get a job stop play. that merry man but what to with with the woman of his dream you with that girl what is going to happen with that/Carl keep up the good work and you my boy. bad boy. lol. dabia you are getting so big and you keep the family together it s hard but keep it big your ex wife is back oh shit. know your reall wife is really piss off in you what you going to to do to fix this mass. be strong i cant wait to see what happen next sha.