Season 3 Episode 5

The Sins of My Caretaker

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on Showtime

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  • The Sins of My Caretaker

    Another strong episode, and yet again a powerful performance by Emmy Rossum, both in her conversation with Debs and then with Jimmy in the yard, talking about their problems. You can always count on Fiona to keep you entertained, no matter how outrageous the storylines get.

    The ending will leave us waiting for next week, but we know in the end nothing ever happens to this family.
  • forgivable sins

    If you saw any of the previews or commercials, you knew a large part of the story was going to be digging up the body of Aunt Ginger. And it was, but not as big as I thought it would be. I was happy to see them move so many different storylines ahead while Frank dug up the yard.

    Jody wasn't kidding, he is an addict, and that was a prettu slippery slope for him. Viv and kev finding a way to have a kid would have been a nice episode for them, to decide how and then to actually do it in one episode means they are in for more than a season of will they/won't they try something else. So I liked how quickly that moved ahead. And seeing Lip get a little closure with karen, and stop treating the Milkavitch girl like his own personal dumpster was a nice touch, especially when Ian and Kev both had to point out how messed up Karen was. Lip may have some intelligence, but he isn't that smart. One bad step away from becoming another Frank, so it was nice to see him back away from that edge for a bit.

    And I thought it was a good idea to have the Molly "girl penis" thing out in the open at the start of the episode, instead of spending a week or two hiding it from Fiona. The kids don't just depend on her, they love and trust her, so they would absolutely tell her about something like that, not make it a sitcom style joke scenario where she is the last to find out. She is the star of the family, if not every episode or story, so it was nice to not have to sit through a scene where the kids have to have it pulled out of them or finally admit that fact ad nauseum. Carls face with the firecrackers was what bliss looks like. And having Debbie be more than a working grunt for the daycare was a nice change, even if it didn't end well for her, or the girl she tried to drown.

    Finally, the Steve and Fiona story took a dark turn that I knew was coming, can't waste Estefania and that nice little body, not on a premium network show anyway. I don't want the next couple seasons to be Steve/Jimmy comes in, Steve/Jimmy messes up, Steve/Jimmy goes away until next year. So I hope that isn't what is going to happen, but even his driver/guard pointed out how he doesn't try to stop doing the bad things, he just says it wasn't his fault. And Fiona's scorecard of why her life is harder than his may have seemed self-involved, but her problems weren't caused by her carelessness or taking the easy way out. I could see his point just a little that she is more interested in her problems than his, but at the same time she is like the juggler who has 5 chainsaws in the air. Just because she seemed to be able to handle 5 chainsaws the whole time you were walking up tp her and watching her, doesn't mean it's easy, or that she needs another chainsaw. He knew she was a juggler when he started sniffing around her,he needs to man the hell up. His little epiphanies into his childhood memories were funny as hell though!!

    I love this show and next weeks preview, and the bargain with the devil that fiona makes with Frank promises the rest of the season , which is way too short, will be a good one.