Season 1 Episode 5

Three Boys

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2011 on Showtime

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    The research department of this show obviously written and produced by wealthy Hollywood who have little or no actual idea of how the "system" works or does not work. For anyone who is really interested in the realities rather than the rantings of William F Macy (which I like by the way) here are the facts. I am going to state these because this series get it wrong, week after week.

    1)No one get Food Stamps anymore. They use that term every other week. They do not ecist. To those who have a real job, no one has 'food stamps". the US government issues what is called an Ebt card.
    You use it like a credit card. No one is peeling off food stamps. Shameless really needs someone whose annual income is at the poverty line to be a consultant.

    2)Aunt Ginger---Bill Macy again rages--and yells you "cut off his medicare". Wrong again. he means medicaid. he might get medicare too, if he qualified but doubtful since it seems he didnt hold a job and is collecting off his dead Aunt.

    3)-Disability does NOT send people to your house. You ahve to SIT there, in a run down building, with babies and children crying, all day, to speak to someone who checks your records, and processes forms. You can'rt sit some old woman from an old age hom,e with NO ID and pull off a ridiculous stunt as in Aunt ginger.

    4)Disability, for those truly disabled, people with cancer, severe neurological damage, parkinsons, Spinal cord damage--have to go to hearings multiple times to be approved. And then they must be reviewed again. Macy's "faking" illness only adds to the myth that 'all these people are fakers" on disability.
    Really an insulting show to someone living in a wheelchair with a severed spinal cord, with a broken elevator who can't leave his apt to get food.

    This show needs a dose of reality and accuracy in its writing. STOP using the phrases :food stamps and Medicare. GET it RIGHT -it is EBT and medicaid.

    FInally--there is No such thing as a needle biopsy of the testicles done in a free clinic--you have to remove one to properly test it for cancer or mass (refer to actor TOM GREEN). I have already been there and been told--you either REMOVE ONE or take your chances ....

    Aside from this--it is TV';s first attempt in a long time to present a less than Disney Tv thats a start...for people earning less than 50k a year (a taboo subjhect it seems in episodic TV these days,,.everyone has a nice job and nice house--everyone on ABC lives in a nice big house..
    with a nioe garden and nice neighbors.(Why>)
    no one has been seen living as millions do--
    in a housing project since GOOD TIMES !!!
    TV shows want to show the rich side of USA ONLY.
    This show TRIES but it is so flawed in its dialogue and it's cheating lead character is a bad example and only reinforces the blue collar idea that "all those people are faking injuries". tell that to my friend in thw wheelchair with cystic fibrosis who cant get in the elevator and had to eat food out of the trash. Shape up SHAMELESS..get your poverty terms CORRECT.