Season 3 Episode 8

Where There's a Will

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Where There's A Will

    A really strong, well-written and well-structured episode of Shameless here. You had the dramatic moments, the laugh out loud moments, and then somehow the family was able to keep the house, behind two of the younger kids and their efforts.

    Very enjoyable episode.
  • where there's a will

    Sure enough a Galagher will fing a way. And of course that starts with Frank. When the family found out they were going to lose the house, thinking he had a place to stay he didn't offer to help them keep it, he offered to help them steal the copper pipes. Classic. The addition of Christian Clemenson, in yet another role as the quirky creepy guy, means Frank will have someone to bother/scam/mistreat for hopefully a few episodes. Shiela may be crazy but she clearly has her limits when it comes to Frank.

    The return of Karen was going to shake things up for lip, and I look forward to seeing more of that. And I am rooting for Mandy and Lip to become a permanent thing, but Lip and Karen is an easy look into how Frank and Monica obviously screwed each other up, so I doubt it will happen. And the Mandy Stankovick comment from V had me laughing. Not just because she actually tells her she would never say it to her face (as an apology), but then V deciding to leave because it was easier than maybe trying to actually apologize.

    Seeing Officer Tony back gives me some hope that they will use him again now that GCB has crashed and burned. Aside from being a long time friend and next door neighbor of the gallaghers, they clearly can do more with a cop in their'Fiona's back pocket, so I hope he sticks around this time. MAybe ends up with Estefania.

    On the Fiona /Steve front, it was funny to see him fail so miserably at real work, not just the cleaning crew. His character wasn't simply pampered growing up, like Lip he grew up as the smart one, the guy who was top of the class Med school guy. He quit because he said he didn't want to be a doctor, but this episode makes it more believable that he quit when he finally had to work at it. The scene when Fiona said she just aspired to having normal person problems also made it clear that Steve/Jimmy didn't want normal, he wants the fast life. Now I would like to see what happens if he actually tries to get that life, because there is no place for Fiona and the Gallaghers there in my mind. Maybe the US version will end up with someone else for a while too, or a baby from someone else. The last time these two brought up she became the kind of slut she looked down on, next time, she may go over the deep end.

    The Kev/Viv/Mom story was funny as hell too. If it wasn't Jerry Springer enough, the idea that she wanted a little romance should have ended it, but Viv was hell bent on conception that she put up with it so much that every time the three of them were together, including Fiona walking in on them, was disturbing and funny.

    But my favorite part of the episode belonged to Debbie. I know the Carl as a sociopath with no dooubt come up again, but Debbie has become a solid goto character. In just a few episodes, she has grown from being the little girl who believed in the good in everything, to the girl who will use false accusations to get a bullying cousin to give them the Lip and Karen are a parallel to the Frank and Monica story, then Debbie is clearly the kid's version of Fiona. She has seen enough bad happen that she is willing to do bad to make it stop. It may crush Fiona to see the same thing happen to her baby sister that happened to her, but at least Debs won't grow up to be a victim.

    And I know it probably has nothing to do with it, because each season of the show has occured during a summer or winter season, and when that season ends so does the season for Shameless. But when Fiona said "winter is Coming" , knowing they end as Game of Thrones is coming back, I thought it made a nice nod to the next show everyone will be watching on Sunday nights.