Shane (2004)

ITV (ended 2004)


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Shane (2004)

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Frank Skinner stars in his own sitcom as Shane, a wise-cracking and politically unreconstructed minicab driver who's swiftly becoming a disappointment to his wife, an embarrassment to his teenage kids, and a liability to his employers. Shane and wife Myrtle now seem to stay together simply for the mutual pleasure they get from their arguments, which has replaced the love that each still feels lurks in their fractious relationship. Meanwhile, Shane has reached the age where his views and opinions create nothing but embarrassment for his two children, especially feisty 16-year-old Velma, who has just discovered feminism and is determined to correct her unenlightened and out-of-touch father at every opportunity. Emotionally exiled from his home, many of Shane's evenings are spent in his local pub, The Four Feathers, chewing the fat with his boss Bazza or directing the fondness his wife now spurns towards barmaid Sheila.

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