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Shanna's Show

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Shanna is a 6-year-old African-American girl who -- along with her helpers, 4-year-old brother Shane, Dinah the dinosaur, Ducky and Tiger -- puts on a musical show in her room, giving viewers three clues to help them guess what she is dressed up and pretending to be. Some examples are a school teacher, a mail carrier, a construction worker and a professional soccer player. Inspired by the Shanna book series by author and early childhood expert Jean Marzollo ("I Spy") and published by Hyperion Books for Children. The segments, a short-form series that engages preschoolers in a musical guessing game about various jobs in the world around them, are designed to encourage preschoolers to use their thinking skills, interact in the game and along the way, learn about concepts and acquire facts and knowledge about the world. Each "Shanna's Show" runs approximately five minutes on Playhouse Disney.
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  • What on earth is this!?

    Playhouse Disney has some dumb shows but this one takes the cake. The whole episode is obvious from the beginning. It is about some girl describing a job in three songs. Anyone can get it on the first song. This show is designed for toddlers. I bet a toddler could get it by the first thing!
  • I am half-way between this one.

    This is very interusting. I mean it was cute, but it wasen't. You know what I mean? So Shanna would do her little themesong and tell us that her little bro, Shane, would give us 3 clues. And then we could guess what she is. I though Shane was so cute! And the way the animal friends would say the clues. Like "woop-woop de do, here's number two!". And so on. Very cute but I am glad it isn't going on.moreless
  • What?

    This show is basically pointless. I don't hate this 5 minute cartoon but it's 5 minutes and it's stupid. The producers and creators probably thought it up in 2 seconds. I'd have to say it's the worst show because they only dress up in costumes and do 5 people and see if you can guess what it is. Very bad. Not enjoyable. Tiny babies will be luaghing and playing along for 5 minutes and then....where did the crappy TV show go? 0.8 rating for Shanna's Show. I highly DON'T reccomend it.moreless
  • anyone else?
    im just looking through boards randomly. seems as i NO ONE is on this board.