Shaq Vs.

Tuesday 9:00 PM on ABC Premiered Aug 18, 2009 In Season





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  • Why was this ever aired in the first place?!

    Shaquille O'Neil needs to learn what his limits are when it comes to sporting events. In this show, Shaq competes against other athletes or singers to prove if he is better than his competitor. he competes in soccer, baseball, football, swimming, and other sports. This is just Shaq's way of promoting his image, and not in a good way at all. I never saw Shaq win in any of his races. Also this show is an hour long, but it feels like it's three hours long. Maybe if this show was about pros vs college athletes, that would be fine, but not this mess. This show is just a complete waste of time and Shaq needs to just get this show off the air and stick to basketball only. If you like Shaq, only see him on the court, not on this pathetic show.
  • Shaq Versus? More like Shaq Loses.

    NBA has-been Shaquille O'Neal goes around challenging pros to their game. Shaq hasn't beaten anyone yet and probably never will even with the handicaps he is given. This show would be bearable if it was 30mins long, but an hour??!? Are you BLEEPIN kidding me? They should use this show to torture criminals into confessing. Make them watch this garbage over and over again and they will remember Boogeyman Osama's address if it was their own. I guess it could be worse, I mean it could be 2 hours. Yikes. And for all of those trolls saying "Just don't watch it," I wish it were that simple. I am a big NBA fan and I just can't stop.
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