Shaq's Big Challenge

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • It could've been worse, it could've been better. But it really could have been better!

    When I first heard about this show I was pretty excited. I think Shaq's a pretty nice guy and fat kids losing weight is good morels. These morels didn't exactly turn into good television. It was...okay. I just couldn't get hooked. I've seen better dieting shows. Reality isn't Shaquille's genre. Especially diet shows. Where does this jerk get off doing a diet show? Does nobody remember those Burger King commericals he was in? And I think he did McDonald's too. But maybe he wants to change his stance on fast food. Or maybe he's looking for a quick buck. I feel really bad for these kids, they're awkward outcasts and now America knows it too. This show was watchable but I didn't really like it that much.
  • bootcamp-style weight loss, Shaq influence, school cafeteria reform

    Thankfully this isn't a full season show. Shaq could be the next chairman of the president's council on physical fitness and sports, but I think his strategy on the show will be too dramatic/extreme for the whole of america. If he privatized this program, then he could get somewhere. Shaq definitely will draw in his fans here. He has six kids, so I see Shaquille having a huge influence on these kids, but once he gets far enough away, the success will likely drop dramatically. I got some humor out of the show. I loved the atmosphere. I just see this getting my head closer to the grindstone by the time it's over.
  • You go Shaq!!!!

    When I first watched this show, I thought "hmmm, maybe Shaq can do something good for America". Sure enough he's taking childhood obesity to top priority. I like Shaq's methods of ending obesity. Obesity is already a big problem in America right now and we need something like this.
  • So Shaq is going to wipe out childhood obesity? Fat chance.

    Shaq is nice guy. But seriously, this show will do nothing in the great scheme of things. It might help some of the 6 kids, but even then, it probably wont last. This is basically "Celebrity Fat Club" (I know its FIT) for kids with just one celebrity - Shaquille O'Neal. Basically this show is incredibly boring, a real snooze fest. The most interesting part was when Shaq said that black people should learn the words to white songs like the theme from CHEERS. Huh? That was very weird.

    The only thing that will keep kids from becoming fat is for parents to stop buying them so much crap at the grocery stores and get them out of the house. Parents are the key. No TV show featuring a few fat kids trying to lose weight will do it. Its admirable he wants to do something buts its a real time waster. Maybe they could get Dustin Diamond to motivate the kids and bring a case of ZANTREX 3 "fat burner" for the kiddies.