Shark Tank

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 104

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 30, 2009 on ABC

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  • Gina Catroneo, owner of Souls Calling Inc. and Paul Watts, Graffiti Removal Services review

    "I like the products of Gina Catroneo, owner of Souls Calling Inc. the second entrepreneur to face the sharks, she got inspired and started her business after surviving an attack a decade ago, and come up with an idea of inspiring people with positive messages in her gift items like slippers and umbrellas but the sharks didn't bite because of the very low profit. It's really a good gift idea. I hope she continue to sell her product even if the sharks rejected the products. If you missed this episode you can read recaps at this site"

    I'm just wondering why Paul Watts asked for too much money for his Graffiti Removal Services business, the Nation's First completely mobile Graffiti Removal Company, he claimed that they use most advanced method of removing graffiti and blight while keeping our environment safe. He's looking for $350K for a 15% stake in his business. Kevin O goes in on the deal and suggests that Paul would just be an employee of theirs, Paul didn't agree.

    I think the sharks didn't bite because he asked for too much money for his business... maybe if he cuts it in half, he will get a great deal.
  • Interesting and Inspirational

    This is the first episode I have been able to catch and while I enjoyed all of it, I was especially inspired by Gina Cotroneo's presentation on her web site. Gina is a rape survivor and her story is amazing. Her tenacity and determination to see her attacker brought to justice and to not only overcome but to make something positive out of this unspeakably horrific experience is an example to us all.

    While the sharks did not give her any money, which from a purely business point of view was the correct outcome, the fact that ABC put her on the show is a credit to the network. There is no doubt that her annual sales will jump from last year's $18,000 mark!

    We need more of the profiles of courage put before us, especially in these difficult times. God Bless Gina Cotroneo and I really hope that her business and her mission of making the world a better place take off.

    The rest of the show was really good too, especially the man from Ghana with his internet business. I was happy to see that he got funding. For all his hard work, it was richly deserved.
  • This was the first episode of SHARK TANK that I seen. I look forward to watching every week.

    This was the first episode of SHARK TANK that I seen but I guarantee it will not be the last! Wonderful, informative, enticing, reality show. The women with the play yard cover for baby play pens was magnificent. I immediately began searching the Internet for this product. As soon as I find it, I will purchase. I look forward to watching every week for more exiting products and people. The sharks are appropriately aggressive but tend to stand up to the name shark...The fact that they call each other out on their bull is awesome. A must watch, reality show!