Shark Tank

Season 1 Episode 12

Episode 113

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2010 on ABC

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  • Slow, sad episode of worthless ideas.

    This was a very slow episode. The ideas weren't that great at all. The first college kid with the T-shirt idea was just horrible. In the end, I agree with Robert H and hope that the kid learns a lot from what just happened. The second idea about the face-down pillows. Good idea, not spectacular, but he just asked way to much for an investment. The rules are that you can't leave without the full amount that you asked (which was never mentioned at the beginning, so people are probably confused as to why the investors didn't make new lower offers), but none of the business moguls could even offer $250K for the entire company, it just wasn't worth that much. The profits were marginal: cost $7, sell $30. Not much profit there. The third idea about the kids' shopping stores was also horrible. When I saw the backstory, I thought "oh well they have to had made some money at least", but I knew the franchise idea would not fly. The investors obviously did not like that idea but when I heard their dismal sales, it just screamed bad idea. Crying is never good. All that means to me is that they've invested way too much (including themselves) in an idea that is not profitable. Fourth, the grease cleaner, great if no one else had come up with a similar idea over 20 times already. A grease solvent is not a new idea, it's not original enough. The novel part is that they plan to package it in small packets, available whenever you RARELY need to dissolve the transfer of grease onto your fingers. I personally would not invest in it (if I had the $$$ millions). They came in with a great presentation and both had studied in business. Their valuation was good and not over-exaggerated. Kevin and Barbara eventually invest. $20K each ain't much, so I hope they get something out of it eventually. In all, this episode was quite dismal. Bad ideas and only 1 deal. The U.S. episodes work much slower than the Canadian version (Dragon's Den). There were only 4 presentations (3 extremely dull ones), how is that supposed to keep someone's attention? In the Canadian version, they usually cut some of the more awful ideas down to a maximum 30 seconds to 1 minute, summarizing the idea with a host and quickly jumping to the investors all saying "i'm out". The backstory's are too long and do little to engage the audience as the product is never directly mentioned in the preview. I really like this show, which is why I watch both versions, but this episode did not do it for me, sorry. I liked the faster-paced episodes we saw before the re-vamping.