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How do I appear on shark tank

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    [1]Mar 1, 2012
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    I have been watching Shark Tank what a show just like the BBCs Dragons Den , I would so love to be given the chance to appear on this great show,
    Yes I have developed an amazing apparel for all women to look and feel amazing, heard it all before this took me 10 years of research, together with a fully developed marketing plan, Business Plan, Offshore manufactures ready to produce from samples already designed , graded, fabric choices too.Company logo designed,web page everything is ready just need entry investor to add to my $50,000 i have already recieved from another investor.
    turnover first 5 years 15.4 million
    Give me a chance to dazzle you with all of my research with immediate impact in the market, my email address is
    Sincerley Mick Ryan

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    [2]Feb 8, 2013
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    My name is Kawaida Kni McFarland I'm 43 years old and I live in Dayton Ohio. My contact number is 937-567-0660 eastern time. My idea is called Phayre Eye Wear. I would give 50% to the investors because they took a chance on my invention plus they provided me with the money when I didn't have it. I think I deserve the cash because this is a new design all together for eyewear plus change the way glasses are worn. It can eliminate the sale of contacts but boost the sale of glasses. This is the eyewear of the future. People like to wear glasses but would love to wear contact too. When going to buy contact they will not let you leave until you know how to put them in your eyes. This will stop that plus you get to wear your glasses and change your eye color at the same time without going thru the hassel of learning how to apply contacts in your eyes. If this invention fails I have 9 more that I can fall back on. I had ananeurysm, died on the table and came back. So I know I'm here for something. I know I have more ideas for the future. I believe in myself.

    Kawaida Kni McFarland.

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    [3]Apr 18, 2013
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    Hi my name is Cynthia Torian andI am on disability, and have save up enough money to make it a pay as you go project. Because my finance is limited how ever i was abe to discipline myself to do major cut backon my living expense so that i could do a provisional patent on my product.

    Just For Hanger, Hanger Clips; Hanger Accessory!! The Hanger Clips is a uniquely designed clip that uses a clamping mechanism to secure an article of clothing to a hanger.

    Hanger Clips, I know every female has this small to big problem keep delicate clothing on the hanger. The Clip Solves that problem.

    1. Secure a garment to a hanger without placing tension on the garment.

    2. Prevents fallinggarments from becoming wrinkle on the closet floor.

    3. Eliminates the hassle of ironing wrinkle garments after they fall.

    4. Allow people to pack clothing in a suitcase while still on the hanger.

    5. Great for any clothing, including sleeveless garment,strapless garment and cashmeres.

    I am ready to take it to the next level inhaving the product manufacturer,and hoping shark tank can help me with Just For Hanger, Hanger Clips; Hanger Accessory !

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