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last night unnecessary cruelty?

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    [1]Oct 7, 2009
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    I absolutely love the new show Shark Tank! It is intelligent and a has a great variety of 5 Sharks that really bring the show to life.

    Last night I noticed a difference and that difference was some of the Cruel comments that were unnecessary to have a great show. When the guy with the 3 socks was on what one of the Sharks said was horrible. The entrepreneur looked like he was going to cry right there on the show. Calling the elderly man "a vampire" was more than insulting and soooo unnecessary.

    Sharks Tank does not need a Simon Cowell...some of the remarks from one Shark to another was ignorant. I love competition and some great bantering, but, the disrespect and than doing deals together don't match up. If future young or older entrepreneur's watch it...who would want to venture out and share thier innovative ideas.

    I am no cream puff and can hold my own. I just thought this show would rely on it's great idea and not amplify a "self centered and assinine" egos. This is said in the most respectful way I can put it.

    In the meantime, I am still a fan!

    Peace, Abundance & Prosperity!

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    That's the thing some cases, people need to hear the harsh truth. There's a big difference between a novelty product and a product that would attract the money the entrepreneurs are looking for. The 5 Sharks aren't there to give money away...they're looking for something they can make money as well as the person pitching it.

    If you think things are disrespectful on this show, you should try watching some other countries versions (Canada has one called Dragon's Den that has two of the Sharks appearing in this week's episode, O'Leary mixed it up verbally with a blind man pitching a board game with a very small sales history).

    Business can be nasty when you're talking six and seven figure amounts that entrepeneurs want for their ideas.
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    [3]Nov 4, 2009
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    I agree with you, sometimes I feel that they are humiliating the entrepreneurs in international TV, but maybe that's part of the show, most of the people watching it maybe waiting for the criticisms... let's just take it as constructive criticism. Maybe that's the way of other sharks to let the hopeful know that they are not stupid to buy products or business which is obviously not something they can make money of. If you missed an episode of Shark Tank, you can read episode recap in sites like this one
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