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  • Unimformed/ Billy Blank/Zumba/Dance with me

    I have been a dancer for nearly 30 yrs I have studied with many famous teachers & dancers. I danced with ballet, contemporary & modern dance companies. Mark & Damian, don't understand something about Zumba, dancers who have worked for years to be where they are, & have the bodies, talent & knowledge beyond even what this young man had, have little respect for something like Zumba that deminishes the art form & training o f real dancers. These programs are big business. There are studios all over America that can't survive as programs like this tell people it takes nothing to become a dancer. My heart ached for that young man, as he didn't want to say, how he really feels about the entire industry of Zumba. these people who care more about what they are wearing, Who walk into studios disrupt real classes & look down their noses at people who have dedicated their entire lives to something which is being destroyed by TV & populat culture
  • American Version of an already successful series known as Dragons' Den in many other countries.

    This show bastardizes any interesting features the originals had. While the UK version discusses actual business talk, such as turnover and future profits, this show focuses on personal anecdotes, damsels in distress in the business world. Shark Tank, a horrible name, fails to invoke the dramatic flair of Dragons’ Den. The lighting and the set are unsympathetic to the business atmosphere. The contestants on the show are poorly selected. Few have any business acumen... one even attempted to make a joke “this is shark tank, not bunny tank,� leaving viewers jump up and exclaim that bunnies, unfortunately, are not amphibious.
  • Shark Tank Review

    This show is fake. It's showing desperate Americans trying to hock some nitch product to a broke nation, while the camera focuses on Mark Cuban's 2020 Campaign Bid. If you really want to solve a problem raise the min wage so you don't exploit Americans on TV anymore. Fast Fact America's largest export is ENTERTAINMENT!!!!
  • Das Kapital-ism

    Of all the seedy Reality TV competitions out there, Shark Tank is one of the genre's biggest offenders. Seemingly "inspired" by a Japanese TV show, Shark Tank features wannabe Edisons into convincing a cabal of investors whether or not to bankroll whatever Rube Goldberg gimcrackery they have to offer.

    This is the most farcical, if not pathetic Reality TV competition show ever produced. Makes me long for the days of much more urbane fare such as Strike It Rich & Queen For A Day.
  • your kidding right.

    Sharks should be called lamps. One guy claims some products are junk when he sole FUBU clothing garbage that stretch after the first washing, and nobody wears that crap and did he share any profits, now he has another hustle, he on a show getting paid and won't invest unless he's practically stealing the company. The female restate agent won't buy anything at all give me a break, another one on the TV show payroll. The guy who owns a team is young and needs attention. One guy on the show may possess some value. Best for last this guy that got lucky on some toy deal a hundred years ago still has NOT impress me yet. NO MORE WATCHING this crap. If you have money and really know something, you would know helping launch a product is life changing. People like Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffett no bad comments, just lets go do it. My definition of a shark is go after and destroy and let the cards where they lie. Good luck on you contract renewal SHOW SUCKS BAD.
  • What a joke within a so called reality show

    After stumbling over this show by accident, i found myself stumbling away even faster.. To justify this review with suffering through almost one episode of this Shark Tank show. I observed five so called financial judges (mind you none with much credit behind themselves, only ABC money or whoever produces this crap) giving their limp opions on others product ideas or inventions.. After seeing these so called experts pick through ideas of others and give your small minded ideas toward there products, I pass this "Think Tank" more like a "Toliet Tank" with nothing going for it.. You think with a show of this idea, more creative and much more professional judges could have been assemblied here.. At least on the "The Apprentice" Donald Trump carried some weight in the developement of successful business ventures throughout his years.. With this "Tank" (right word) show, these idiots haven't even scored well with there own projects, or one stop creations.. The best with this Shark Tank is that it will not float long !
  • Not Such a Happy Valentine's Day for Black American Female Contestant

    The episode of Shark Tank that aired on 2/15/13, bordered on racism. A young African American female contestant presented her business and asked for the financial help from the Sharks. When the contestant did not have the financial information that was asked for, the three white male Sharks berated her with insults. They used words like "ignorant" and alluded to how she was unprepared. Their tone, body language, and words suggested that she was not "worthy" to come before them.

    Mr. John, the one African American shark simply said that he was out. Although he did not add to the beratement, he did nothing to change the hostile atmosphere. However, Barbara Corcoran saved the day; she lessened the hostile atmosphere by being respectful and sympathetic.

    Ms. Corcoran gave the contestant valuable advice and shared with her that she too was not a financial wizard.

    I suggest that all the Sharks see the contestants as new entrepreneurs who need guidance and not treat anyone as they have no business or right to be on the show. They are there to learn and not be put down. I hope that the contestant who was the victim of this treatment will go on to develop and progress with her business. I also hope that other potential contestants, especially minorities, will not be discouraged by the actions which occurred in this episode.

  • Shark Tank rocks

    I love to see all the crazy pitches, half real business lessons, half pure TV entertainment. Check out all the various ideas at allsharktankproducts dot com
  • Robert Herjavec should go

    I love this show and I always liked Robert Herjavec until the latest news about him and his last girlfriend came out. His image and who he really is seem to be completely different and I refuse to watch it until he's gone. My kids know I love this show but being a woman and hearing about how Robert treated his last girlfriend not to mention leaving his original wife like he did I won't watch it til he's gone. Please get rid of him because he's probably not man enough to leave on his own bases on how he's treated women. I give the show a 1 until Robert leaves.
  • The FUBU man needs to be CUT for sexual harrassment

    I think that a recent episode I think this past week made me mad at the FUBU owner of the Sharks. He made a deal with a couple ad he forced the woman to full frontal hug him. He is a nasty little pervert and a terrible pathetic excuse of a businessman to represent corporate America or the "successful" average joe in any way. A man like that should not be successful. I feel sorry that she is married to the pathetic man she is married to as well. He just sat there with a smile on his face. She was selling the adjustable strap bras and I thought she was tough and handled herself very well especially considering what product she had to peddle. That is sexual harassment and molesting a woman on television. That is all he promotes, he can take a backseat and I hope he loses all of his business ventures and entire brand he "built"
  • producer to get 2% of NET REVENUE? is he on crack?

    entrepreneurs who agree to be on 'the shark tank' are asked to sign a contract that would give the producer (mark burnett) 2% of net revenues - in perpetuity! this is a complete joke. first, no entrepreneur with a decent idea that's remotely scalable would ever agree to such terms . . . and second, no investor would ever put money into such an encumbered enterprise. so they're setting up for failure: the only entrepreneurs who would ever agree to such a preposterous structure would be desperate losers - and who wants to watch them?

    incidentally, contestants on 'dragons den' did not have to give the producer anything.
  • Shark tank

    Lori Granier is a very annoying person. I used to buy stuff she recommended, but no more. She bullies Barbara C. ALL the time. She needs to be replaced
  • Choice of Sharks

    Get rid of Daymon...he brings nothing to the show. He appears blaze and tries to demonstrate he is over and above things. Never has genuine nor realistic offers or valuable, constructive comments to investors.
  • TV Success Story & #1 Author of 'Conversations with Millionaires' RAVES About Shark Tank!

    Shark Tank is SUCH a BRILLIANT example of the power of great ideas!

    EvERY episode helps validate the power of the steps I call the 'Millionaire Money Formula'.

    I just wish Shark Tank would've been on back in the late 90's when I came up with the idea for my 'Conversations with Millionaires' book. I would've LOVED to have ANY of the Sharks included with the other 9 millionaires in it!

    People obviously love it anyway. But, I have to think there would've been at least ONE additional nugget, secret, or chunk of brilliance that might have been added!

    Maybe it would've helped me figure out the 'Millionaire Money Formula' even faster if any of the Sharks were part of making 'Conversations with Millionaires' happen? OR, having Barbara's brillinace inside 'Conversations with Female Millionaires' would've been absolutely amazing too!

    Either way, I couldn't be a bigger fan of the show!

    I hope it continues to rock the charts for YEARS to come!

    SUCH amazingly insightful and helpful secrets to success revealed in every episode!

    TRUE BRILLIANCE from beginning to end!

    Thx for being SO AWESOME Shark Tank! :-)

    Jason Oman

    TV Success Story & #1 Best-Selling Author of 'Conversations with Millionaires', 'Conversations with Female Millionaires', & 'Millionaire Money Formula'
  • mcuban

    mark cuban is the only shark with a heart. he has helped many people with simple ideas who will employ veterans and several unemployed people. . thank you Mark!
  • Illogical

    One of the most clichd statements in shark tank is "You are valuing your company on what it is worth tomorrow". If this were true, then none of the sharks would would be succesful. We always hear them proudly speaking about their business ventures. For example, started a business with only 20,000 dollars and now she is worth a lot more. Nobody is doubting their hard work but had she not had the 20,000, she would not be here. If they keep expecting flawless companies to come into the tank, they won't make any deals.

    Not only this but they also give out offers because of sympathy, which if you think about it, goes against their own ideals.
  • Cathiz1

    My family, my friends and my husband and I have always loved this show. Mark Cuban, with his overt political activity and appearance at the upcoming presidential debate, has killed our desire to watch Shark Tank. Your show should be unbiased and inspiring. We r all posting on facebook, Twitter and Instagram asking people to no longer watch Shark Tank. Another "Dixie Chicks" screw up . Mark Cuban sucks. Having money does not gain respect. He is self serving at the shows expense.
  • Absolute Jerks - Last Show I will watch --- Skinny Shirt Episode w/ Mark Cuban & Kevin O'Leary

    My boyfriend and I just started watching Shark Tank a few weeks ago. After watching tonight's episode, we will NEVER watch it again. Absolutely proves money does not buy class by how they treat people. Not sure what part of being successful means being a complete jerk and calling someone a "cockroach". REAL men don't have to throw insults like Kevin O'Leary & Mark Cuban did to prove their manhood. I was so disgusted with the way them and to be whole crew of sharks that I asked my boyfriend change the channel and we decided we will not ever give the show another try. We will also tell all of our friends not to watch. Complete WASTE of airtime. Only thing you can learn from that show is how to be a jerk.
  • Waste of Air time and Space

    I mean really, this is literally the most waste of time and air space on my TV. Please take it off and put in its place something less painful to watch like "WATCHING PAINT DRY OR GRASS GROW"
  • I Refuse To Get Invested In This Show; I'm Out

    I will give the show this; the ideas presented in the show are interesting. I mean, what show like this doesn't have interesting products? However, just because someone has a good idea that they want to expose to the world, doesn't mean that the show automatically becomes good. This show fails in every other way. The investments that the contestant seek are always too high or too low, and the investors, if you can call them that, always reject every contestant. Note to the executives: it's not fun to watch reality contestants gets booed off just because their fucking investments were too high and their equity stakes and royalty didn't work for these "investors"! I always end up feeling sorry for the contestants because they weren't able to get their product known to the masses. How about just scrap the idea of a reality TV show that revolves around this topic, and have these contestants turn to real investors to get their product known? That would be much better than the bullshit that happens on this show! Please, if any person on or on any other website wants to become a business person or a pitchman, I highly suggest you DO NOT appear on this show, even if you watch it. You will get chewed up, spit out, and possibly even urinated/defecated on by investors who are absent-minded. For a better reality competition show, watch "American Idol" or "Big Brother", and stay the FUCK away from this piece of shit.
  • Out of sympathy

    The woman whinned and cried about her single mom, shed her tears, and Barbara brought into it,out of sympathy, won't buy the product, or watch the show people wanna whine about their life, they should go on Dr Phil.
  • Why "no" to Wally Amos?

    I was shocked to see that the Sharks wouldn't give Famous Amos - Wally Amos- 50K at 10% to start a new cookie business. After all, he had the first gourmet cookie business that was extremely successful and based on the story of his business, his business was stolen from him by greedy businesses men and women like the Sharks. Wally just happens to be 80 years old and Black. He obviously has business acumen, but not one of the White Sharks invested in his new cookie business. I find it very odd that after him came two White women selling "mommy" swimsuits and asking for 100k @ 10% - like a mommy swimsuit is any different than any other well fitting swimsuit. They had no business experience and the only business example one of them gave was teaching her ADHD son to read - give me a break - that is called "parenting!" However, Barbara gave them the 100k at 50% because she wants to help them "learn" about business. Why wouldn't they help Wally to "learn and succeed" in his new business? The Sharks waste 50K in "spit" bragging about themselves and their success and supposedly, how they help entrepreneurs become successful, but not this Black man! I think these White Sharks looked at race and color, not business acumen when judging Wally. I was very disappointed in this episode and felt it was racist. Come on Sharks - help a Black man out!
  • Really robert

    Whats better make in America or money?? move to china robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Grease Bag - show aired Jan 13, 2017

    I think the sharks missed the mark on this entrepenur's biodegradable grease/oil collection bag. Just because it wouldn't accept hot liquids, they didn't like it. I NEVER pour hot grease or fat in any container for disposal. I always let it cool down. AND, storage of glass or whatever else someone uses is an issue. I have little storage space in my kitchen and these bags take up very little storage space. That is so ideal. They need to rethink it.
  • I do not recall ever seeing any person that is trying to get help over the age of "60".

    Could it be they are too smart to give up 5 percent of their business or a 2 percent royalty, to the show's producers and ABC, this is in addition to the cut the sharks take.
  • Ask a question and then listen to the answer

    It really gets to me when these hosts on the show don't let the entrepreneur's finish speaking. It makes the viewers want to change the channel and it makes the entrepreneurs frustrated because they don't get the fair shot to explain their products. I feel for them. Sometimes the hosts just need to shut up and listen.
  • Barbell

    After watching the sharks tell the entrepreneurs of Barbell why they would not invest, I was surprised that they failed to mention the fact that the market for bodybuilders would be very limited. Let's face it in order for a guy to have big muscular thighs and an itty-bitty bitty waist it takes years of hard work to look that way. And as we all know most Americans will not be achieving it therefore not to many guys will be buying their clothing also now days people are not paying 150 bucks for jeans when most people if the brand name is not showing would not know a 20 dollar jean from a 150 dollar jean, Mmm just saying...
  • Business Meets Thinkers

    Some of the ideas are really great... lots of inventors who lack or thrive with passion for their ideas... the hosts are very stern... this all sums up to be an interesting show for me. I learned some things from here!
  • Don't like being told what I am seeing.

    Would be better without the voice-over narrator.

    We really enjoy the show, BUT the recent inclusion of a narrator telling us what we are looking at and what the cast is doing, IE: "Kevin purses his lips", or "Robert raises his eyebrows", or "Sharks circling overhead" is silly and distracting.

    Hopefully someone will make it go away!
  • These guys need VC -- 'RoboRoach,' Seeks $10,000 On Kickstarter

    Remote-Controlled Roach Project, 'RoboRoach,' Seeks $10,000 On Kickstarter

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