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  • Bethany Frankel sucks ass

    Get rid of her whiney scratchy voice very annoying and can't stand show with her yapping. She knows nothing and has no money to invest.
  • Robert Herjavec should go

    I love this show and I always liked Robert Herjavec until the latest news about him and his last girlfriend came out. His image and who he really is seem to be completely different and I refuse to watch it until he's gone. My kids know I love this show but being a woman and hearing about how Robert treated his last girlfriend not to mention leaving his original wife like he did I won't watch it til he's gone. Please get rid of him because he's probably not man enough to leave on his own bases on how he's treated women. I give the show a 1 until Robert leaves.
  • Illogical

    One of the most clichd statements in shark tank is "You are valuing your company on what it is worth tomorrow". If this were true, then none of the sharks would would be succesful. We always hear them proudly speaking about their business ventures. For example, started a business with only 20,000 dollars and now she is worth a lot more. Nobody is doubting their hard work but had she not had the 20,000, she would not be here. If they keep expecting flawless companies to come into the tank, they won't make any deals.

    Not only this but they also give out offers because of sympathy, which if you think about it, goes against their own ideals.
  • Out of sympathy

    The woman whinned and cried about her single mom, shed her tears, and Barbara brought into it,out of sympathy, won't buy the product, or watch the show people wanna whine about their life, they should go on Dr Phil.
  • Ask a question and then listen to the answer

    It really gets to me when these hosts on the show don't let the entrepreneur's finish speaking. It makes the viewers want to change the channel and it makes the entrepreneurs frustrated because they don't get the fair shot to explain their products. I feel for them. Sometimes the hosts just need to shut up and listen.
  • Grease Bag - show aired Jan 13, 2017

    I think the sharks missed the mark on this entrepenur's biodegradable grease/oil collection bag. Just because it wouldn't accept hot liquids, they didn't like it. I NEVER pour hot grease or fat in any container for disposal. I always let it cool down. AND, storage of glass or whatever else someone uses is an issue. I have little storage space in my kitchen and these bags take up very little storage space. That is so ideal. They need to rethink it.
  • Mark Cuban has to go

    We use to love the show, due to Mark Cubans idiotic public political views we will boycott the show and any products he is involved with for life. We the people need to teach him and all companies and celebrities there are consequences for their public meddling in politics.
  • Shark tank

    Lori Granier is a very annoying person. I used to buy stuff she recommended, but no more. She bullies Barbara C. ALL the time. She needs to be replaced
  • Barbell

    After watching the sharks tell the entrepreneurs of Barbell why they would not invest, I was surprised that they failed to mention the fact that the market for bodybuilders would be very limited. Let's face it in order for a guy to have big muscular thighs and an itty-bitty bitty waist it takes years of hard work to look that way. And as we all know most Americans will not be achieving it therefore not to many guys will be buying their clothing also now days people are not paying 150 bucks for jeans when most people if the brand name is not showing would not know a 20 dollar jean from a 150 dollar jean, Mmm just saying...
  • Don't like being told what I am seeing.

    Would be better without the voice-over narrator.

    We really enjoy the show, BUT the recent inclusion of a narrator telling us what we are looking at and what the cast is doing, IE: "Kevin purses his lips", or "Robert raises his eyebrows", or "Sharks circling overhead" is silly and distracting.

    Hopefully someone will make it go away!
  • Why "no" to Wally Amos?

    I was shocked to see that the Sharks wouldn't give Famous Amos - Wally Amos- 50K at 10% to start a new cookie business. After all, he had the first gourmet cookie business that was extremely successful and based on the story of his business, his business was stolen from him by greedy businesses men and women like the Sharks. Wally just happens to be 80 years old and Black. He obviously has business acumen, but not one of the White Sharks invested in his new cookie business. I find it very odd that after him came two White women selling "mommy" swimsuits and asking for 100k @ 10% - like a mommy swimsuit is any different than any other well fitting swimsuit. They had no business experience and the only business example one of them gave was teaching her ADHD son to read - give me a break - that is called "parenting!" However, Barbara gave them the 100k at 50% because she wants to help them "learn" about business. Why wouldn't they help Wally to "learn and succeed" in his new business? The Sharks waste 50K in "spit" bragging about themselves and their success and supposedly, how they help entrepreneurs become successful, but not this Black man! I think these White Sharks looked at race and color, not business acumen when judging Wally. I was very disappointed in this episode and felt it was racist. Come on Sharks - help a Black man out!
  • love the show we will not watch when MARK CUBAN is on

    Mark Cuban has to Go and many other Hollywood celebrities . Our family loves shark tank but we will surf right by it if mark cuban is on. We understand everybody has a right to their opinion even on political views but here is a guy that said I wouldn't like to vote for Trump because he doesn't have the views of the elite class and wouldn't listen to them and then you have to ask yourself what side is he on the normal American people that would like a fair shake. Which Mark likes to capitalize on. Or a career Politian's and the 1% that have showed how to create a enormous amount of debt while they are getting rich. If we keep on this road there will be no more middle class only rich people and no chance for poor people wanting to make a better life for their families. So My Family and millions of other Americans are putting Hollywood on notice we just wont watch anymore. We need to Stop Business as usual
  • Mark Cuban

    Loved the show but I will change channel anytime Mark Cuban appears!
  • Cathiz1

    My family, my friends and my husband and I have always loved this show. Mark Cuban, with his overt political activity and appearance at the upcoming presidential debate, has killed our desire to watch Shark Tank. Your show should be unbiased and inspiring. We r all posting on facebook, Twitter and Instagram asking people to no longer watch Shark Tank. Another "Dixie Chicks" screw up . Mark Cuban sucks. Having money does not gain respect. He is self serving at the shows expense.
  • Mark Cuban

    Please fire him. My family will not watch this show after his treason of being political and endorsing Hillary. It is either him or your viewer. ONE must go! Shame on him and we live in Dallas. He is now referred to us in Dallas as crooked Mark. Who would of ever thought he was Napoleon.
  • Too annoying

    That guy Kevin Oleary is so annoying I find myself yelling at the screen for him to shut up. He is living proof that not all people with money have brains or does it excuse them from having compassion or giving constructive criticism. He is basically a loud mouthed ass and I think the show can do much better. I have stopped watching the show.
  • Absolute Jerks - Last Show I will watch --- Skinny Shirt Episode w/ Mark Cuban & Kevin O'Leary

    My boyfriend and I just started watching Shark Tank a few weeks ago. After watching tonight's episode, we will NEVER watch it again. Absolutely proves money does not buy class by how they treat people. Not sure what part of being successful means being a complete jerk and calling someone a "cockroach". REAL men don't have to throw insults like Kevin O'Leary & Mark Cuban did to prove their manhood. I was so disgusted with the way them and to be whole crew of sharks that I asked my boyfriend change the channel and we decided we will not ever give the show another try. We will also tell all of our friends not to watch. Complete WASTE of airtime. Only thing you can learn from that show is how to be a jerk.
  • The FUBU man needs to be CUT for sexual harrassment

    I think that a recent episode I think this past week made me mad at the FUBU owner of the Sharks. He made a deal with a couple ad he forced the woman to full frontal hug him. He is a nasty little pervert and a terrible pathetic excuse of a businessman to represent corporate America or the "successful" average joe in any way. A man like that should not be successful. I feel sorry that she is married to the pathetic man she is married to as well. He just sat there with a smile on his face. She was selling the adjustable strap bras and I thought she was tough and handled herself very well especially considering what product she had to peddle. That is sexual harassment and molesting a woman on television. That is all he promotes, he can take a backseat and I hope he loses all of his business ventures and entire brand he "built"
  • middle show information

    I've never posted a comment on a show however when I watch shark tank, when I join in on an episode when they are negotiating a deal and haven't watched them present their investment they never tell you what their product or idea was. I think after the sharks say yes or no and they walk out the door the announcer should say "... and the (product or idea such as gumballs) took the deal at 2 million for 10 so the audience knows what's going on.
  • Shark Tank rocks

    I love to see all the crazy pitches, half real business lessons, half pure TV entertainment. Check out all the various ideas at allsharktankproducts dot com
  • Shark Tank Review

    This show is fake. It's showing desperate Americans trying to hock some nitch product to a broke nation, while the camera focuses on Mark Cuban's 2020 Campaign Bid. If you really want to solve a problem raise the min wage so you don't exploit Americans on TV anymore. Fast Fact America's largest export is ENTERTAINMENT!!!!
  • The show really deteriorated lately

    I used to really like this show and recommended it to my children and grand children as a good business show. But, no longer. In the show last night (10/2), Barbara is no longer a shark. She kissed up to Mark Cuban so much, she is more a little minion riding on the back of a shark. Now, Cuban is something else. He is so arrogant and rude, he showed no respect for other sharks, nor the presenters. I am quite sure that he did not get to where he is now by behaving this way. The show is no longer a role model for younger people to learn about business. It also lost its entertainment value. Too bad!
  • kevin o'leary

    kevin is the worst arogant prick and should be removed. he is the only reason for a less than 10 rating. he is a disgraceful human being and does nothing but to talk down to everyone. he is also the penny pinching asshole that needs to shut his mouth if hes not interested in the concept. he never puts any money up anyway. i mute the tv when he opens his ugly face!!
  • Last episode I'll watch.

    Irish51 is right, these guys all act like they didn't fail all over the place before they made it big. Instead of being gracious and uplifting they are all a bunch of immature, self-centered babies. I've seen six-year-olds have better self control. O'Leary is the worst and should be removed from the show. I think he makes the rest of them "go to the dark side" too because of his rantings. Lori totally lost me tonight with her "wah, wah, you didn't listen to me so I'm out!" Are you kidding me? Grow up people and do the job you were sent there to do. If you don't want to spend your money then don't. But grow up and stop being jerks. Here's a hint to all of them.... I"D like to hear what the person has to say!!!!!! Like I said... last show for me.
  • Really robert

    Whats better make in America or money?? move to china robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • get rid of Nick!

    Listening to Nick Woodman drone on about his GoPro is enough to make me turn the channel from Shark Tank. Nick is far more interested in his own success than in that of the show's contestants. Show Nick the door or I will be just a FORMER Shark Tank viewer...
  • wealth does not buy class

    And Kevin O'Leary is proof of that ! Self proclaimed Mr. Wonderful has no class ! he gets his jollies off by insulting people. Mark Cuban runs a close second based on what I witnessed on tonight's show(May 8) I use to respect Cuban for the way he conducted himself, but recently he seems to enjoy putting hard working, innovating people down like O'Leary does. They act as if they always had the knowledge and know-how of business tactics that took years for them to learn and perfect, when I'm sure they have made their share of mistakes as they climbed the ladder of wealth. How arrogant of them ! I doubt either of them have ass enough to back up their big sarcastic O'Leary. I'd mash his big nose if he ever spoke down to me as I have witnessed him do to so many seeking investors. O'Leary, if you are not interested in what someone is offering, show some class and politely decline. There is no need to insult them as you have done. Cuban, you reminded me of an egotistical high school bully tonight. Don't forget where you came from. You've let your success go to your head. Grow up ! Robert, you friend have class and its obvious you haven't forgotten your humble roots. I admire you.
  • O'Leary is disgusting!

    He should be fired. Immediately. How dare he call anyone a cockroach or a colorful cockroach? That Napolean complex is hell. How insulting. I will never watch this show again as long as he is still on it. Good riddens!
  • Get Rid of O'Leary!

    Every show he becomes increasingly distasteful! It has become intolerable to listen to this show because of this Jerky-nasty-putdown-bad-bad karma old man---Get rid of him and improve the show!
  • S6 Ep 10

    I just watched this episode. I have to say its amazing that Kevin O' Jerkoff made it anywhere! He is such an idiot! Amazing the luck some people have because I am sure this is the only way he made it!!! I'm surprised the Sharks didn't go for the Fresh Picked Sweet Corn. Yes, it was expensive but they failed to realize that its better to spend more money on food rather than medical bills later. Also, the purity of the product rather than all the junk in most products. I hope the nice guy doesn't give up!!