Shark Tank

Sunday 9:00 PM on ABC Premiered Aug 09, 2009 Returning Fall 2017


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  • Why "no" to Wally Amos?

    I was shocked to see that the Sharks wouldn't give Famous Amos - Wally Amos- 50K at 10% to start a new cookie business. After all, he had the first gourmet cookie business that was extremely successful and based on the story of his business, his business was stolen from him by greedy businesses men and women like the Sharks. Wally just happens to be 80 years old and Black. He obviously has business acumen, but not one of the White Sharks invested in his new cookie business. I find it very odd that after him came two White women selling "mommy" swimsuits and asking for 100k @ 10% - like a mommy swimsuit is any different than any other well fitting swimsuit. They had no business experience and the only business example one of them gave was teaching her ADHD son to read - give me a break - that is called "parenting!" However, Barbara gave them the 100k at 50% because she wants to help them "learn" about business. Why wouldn't they help Wally to "learn and succeed" in his new business? The Sharks waste 50K in "spit" bragging about themselves and their success and supposedly, how they help entrepreneurs become successful, but not this Black man! I think these White Sharks looked at race and color, not business acumen when judging Wally. I was very disappointed in this episode and felt it was racist. Come on Sharks - help a Black man out!