Shark Tank

Season 4 Episode 13

Week 13

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • A review of Coffee Joulies

    Well, this is actually a review of the product itself, not the episode. But, I feel that this needs to be said so others don't waste their money, too. Take note that the "entrepreneurs" have grossly misrepresented their product.

    On Amazon, I see the one- and two-star ratings far outweigh the five-star ratings, and for good reason.

    I saw these on "Shark Tank" and thought this was THE thing I needed. I was tired of my tea being too hot for far too long in my well-insulated mug, and then having to drink it up fast when it was at a nice, warm drinkable temperature before it went cold.

    According to the "entrepreneurs", they came in with covered coffee mugs that were still steaming three hours after they had put the Joulies in. From my many different attempts, from their recommendations to many different "configurations" of Jouilies and ounces of boiling hot tea, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that was possible, unless their coffee was about 1000 degrees to start with!

    No matter what variation I tried, the Joulies cooled the tea down quickly, but did not maintain that "perfect 140-degree" temperature for any amount of time. So, quick cool-down to 140, then continuous cooling quickly.

    Needless to say, if you put any value on reviews, please take note that the negative reviews on Amazon far outnumber the positives greatly, and take heed. If all of us "negatives" just happen to be getting "defective" product, that should tell you how unreliable their manufacturing processes and quality control standards are. I wish I had looked there first.

  • Another great Episode!

    Well Shark Tank is def still one of my fav shows! THanks for doing what u said u would @Sharks when they had the recap of last season deal I thought Damon was going to plug tmobile but didn't happen PERFECT! Cuban said it was super cheezy in his IAMA. first deal coffee jewels pretty cool super good deal for the sharks. second girl with the teddy wash pillow case thing kinda lame she got a deal almost felt like MCUban was just being nice.. I mean he will prob get his $ back and they will sell a bunch just because everyone watches shark tank too. but he pretty much valued it over a mil I think. I thought everyone was going to own her u could tell Robert was like good job . and then they don't invest with the sub zero? could have helped them do something atleast they had a real business. and the last guy with the indoor plants was a descent deal cool idea smart owners. @MCuban already heard from them I guess.