Shark Week - Season 2007

Discovery Channel Premiered Jul 30, 1988 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Sharkman
    Episode 7
    Michael Rutzen is on an unbelievable quest; To hypnotize, in open water, one of the most dangerous animals on the planet - the Great White Shark. Mike believes if he can put sharks into trance, it will open the door to hidden secrets of the shark's life.
  • Shark Tribe
    Shark Tribe
    Episode 6
    Rogue Nature's Dave Salmoni and shark scientist Ryan Johnson journey to the wild shores of New Guinea to try to unravel the mysterious secrets of the shark whisperers, who call in sharks without bait and then catch them by hand.
  • Perfect Predators
    Episode 5
    Countdown of shark species according to their skills, level of development, and status as the ocean's ultimate hunters. Highlights special abilities and links to communications.
  • 7/31/07
    A shark's diet is the dominating factor in virtually every facet of its life. Are humans on the menu of the most feared sharks on earth? Experts and camera crews above and below the water gauge shark reactions to various types of food.
  • 7/30/07
    Each year dozens of people are eaten alive by sharks. These are the world's five most amazing survivor stories.
  • A dramatic documentary featuring the story of the of the USS Indianapolis in World War II. Explore the sinking and the horrifying shark attacks that cost hundreds of soldiers' lives.
  • 7/30/07
    Each year otherwise solitary tiger sharks mysteriously come together en masse off Aliwal Shoal. Shark expert Mark Addison braves the water without shark cage, chain mail suit or scuba gear to find answers about this mysterious behavior.