Shark Week - Season 2010

Discovery Channel Premiered Jul 30, 1988 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Sharks: Are They Hunting Us?
    Are sharks really pack hunters like lions or wolves? Are they acquiring a taste for human flesh? Are attacks on the rise? What's the truth about man-eating sharks? In this one-hour documentary, we will expose the line between what's real and what's not.
  • Craig Ferguson goes into the ocean with a team of divers during Shark Week.
  • Sharkbite Beach
    Episode 5
    In the summer of 2008, panic gripped the Pacific coast in the wake of 4 horrific shark attacks. Sharkbite Beach reveals the dramatic stories of survival and searches for clues that might explain why sharks turned on humans with such fury.
  • Day of the Shark 3
    Episode 4
    Shark attack survivors recall six bloody tales of what happens when humans unwittingly find themselves face to face with the ocean's top predator.
  • 8/3/10
    Host Terry Schappert puts his Special Forces training to the test to demonstrate to viewers how to survive devastating shark attacks. Terry immerses himself in several deadly scenarios and reveals the secrets to escaping terrifying shark encounte ...
  • Ultimate Air Jaws
    Episode 2
    World-renowned shark photographer Chris Fallows uses high-tech cameras to track the incredible agility and velocity of Air Jaws, a flying great white shark. The expedition reveals these sharks spend a lot of time near tourists in South Africa.
  • 8/2/10
    Go on a wild ride as we show you the LAST thing you'd ever want to see in real life: close up views of attacks by the world's most deadly sharks -- from INSIDE their mouths!