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Sebastian Stark, a charismatic, supremely self-confident defense attorney who, after a shocking outcome in one of his cases and a personal epiphany, brings his cutthroat tactics to the prosecutor's office as the head of the Los Angeles District Attorney's High Profile Crime Unit. A group of young prosecutors are about to have the learning experience of a lifetime because, although Stark is seeking to redeem himself, he has no intention of cooling his underhanded approach to cases just because he's now working for the "good guys."

    Friday Night Lights, Fringe, and Game of Thrones

    What to watch from Friday, April 15 through Sunday, April 17.


    CBS kills Moonlight, saves Mother

  • Sam Page

    Sam Page

    Casey Woodland [season one]

    Jeri Ryan

    Jeri Ryan

    Jessica Devlin

    James Woods (I)

    James Woods (I)

    Sebastian Stark

    Alexis Cruz

    Alexis Cruz

    Martin Allende [episodes 1-11]

    Henry Simmons

    Henry Simmons

    Isaac Wright [episodes 14- ]

    Sarah Carter

    Sarah Carter

    Madeleine Poe

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    • A use your brain series

      I really enjoyed the show because it made you think as well as be entertained. And just when most of us were really locked into the characters and the content, some jerk pulls the series. Here it is 2012 and I still think of it coming back with the same actors, story lines, LA locations, drama, love connections, etc. I do see some of the actors appearing on other shows now but they do have a role in this series. Is there any possible chance that you will dust it off and bring it back to the thinking audience? Bruce Courter, Paso Robles, CAmoreless
    • Shark

      I recently started watching this show because I got taken by the first episode. Then I go look it up and it's gone. What happened??? I mean this show it's great, has an excellent cast starring with James Woods I mean can it get any better and its script it's perfect. Every episode keeps you wanting more and it's exactly what we get. My personal opinion is it has big mix between the awesome cases of CSI and kind of the funny vibe of House and its students going the way up and of course the weird relationship between Jessica and Shark. Can't believe this show was cancelled what were they thinking at that time, can't be more disappointed by the judgment of the people that run CBS. I just hope they bring it back because right now these are the kind of shows that make you watch TV.moreless
    • A brilliant show with an ensemble of amazing cast.

      At the heart of it all, James Woods. always the actor who brings his character to life. he was always the actor whom I have came to synonym the phrase, "NEED I SAY MORE?" As Stark he was his usual fast talking bad guy image, whenever he walked into the court room i could just hear Bad To The Bones playing in my head. but his character was only whole because of the brilliant cast that surrounded him. His daughter, played brilliantly by the beautiful Danielle Panabaker and his Team. This show is truly amazing and will have you sitting upright on your chair on every episode. The twist and plots are amazing. too bad it had to end.moreless
    • Funny.

      I don't think this was a bad show. I just thought it was very unoriginal and predictable. I mean, when it first came out, I was wondering why television needed another crime/lawyer drama. I thought the acting was okay, but I got sick of the snarky character of James Woods. I never was a fan of his, and when he was the lead, I didn't pay much attention. One thing that I thought needed improvement was the storylines. Other than that, it was just average. Overall, it was just an average show that failed to impress enough viewers to watch. Thank you.moreless
    • Bring this show back! and give it more attention it deserves!


      I love this show!! A show with real substance yet entertaining! Stark's character is just superb. And his relationship with his daughter gives the "refreshing" look in the show's storyline. But just the character of Stark himself already makes the storyline unique.

      James Woods is perfect in this show. As if it was written for him. And he just gives an outstanding performance every episode. And the rest of the cast compliments each other and gives good performances as well. I don't understand why the substantial shows like this one get booted early while those stupid shows stay longer? It's rare to see substantial shows stay for how many years. Networks should pay attention to ALL of their shows.moreless
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