Season 1 Episode 16

Blind Trust

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on CBS
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Sebastian discovers the body of a 25-year-old woman when he is called to a penthouse suite by a close friend. Sebastian hesitantly agrees when his friend asks him for help. He subsequently regrets assisting his friend when the woman's body is discovered in a ravine the next day. In the meantime, Julie tries to muster the courage to tell her father she has been arrested for drunk driving.moreless

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  • Stark briefly returns to past ways and is taught a valuable lesson in trust.

    A story encompassing themes of subtefuge and consequence, at the heart of the main and sub-plots. It embraces Stark and Julie with similar dilemma's. How will one's actions compare to the other's?

    Stark helps a close friend cover for him at a crime scene, involving the death of a young woman. While Julie hides her arrest and DUI charge from her dad, in the hope that he won't find out. Both Julie and the friend are trying to hide the consequences of their actions and the stories set about to demonstrate the effects of placing and not placing blind trust can take.

    To add to the complexity of the issue, the friend Stark attempts to help out is infact Julie's godfather and two times bestman at Stark's weddings.

    The tension rises as Stark is seemingly forced into coercing with his friend and the stakes rise in potency as Stark is blackmailed into keeping his 'friend' out of the investigation or face disbarrment! With such a platform in place, the majority of scenes go onto create an air of intrigue drama as Stark begins to become overloaded with problems of his own creation. Who will Stark turn to in his hour of need? Will he turn to Isaac to build a case covertly? Can he trust his team and tell them of irresponsible actions he has taken? Or will he be forced to go along with his 'friend's' underhand plan? How will Jessica respond to his predicament. Then again, maybe Stark can pull out a trump card in his hour of need! Ultimately, though Stark will be given a lesson in who he can trust. Not who he should trust. All the while, not being trusted by his own daughter. When given the chance, will either come clean about the actions?

    Yes it does preach to a degree, but it is an excellent story. Mild on action, but full of irony and intrigue. With an ending blessed with a fair degree of resonance.

    One to watch.moreless
  • An episode like this is what reminds you why you have been watching Shark all along. Stark becomes part of the case himself, and doesn't always seem to know how to deal with it.moreless

    This is the standout episode of Shark this season, because of all the relationships thrown about within it. The sub-storyline of Julie fits in well, but also doesn't get in the way by being very background, until the final powerful scene. The main case is intriguing along with the devlopment. The only problem within the episode was in the end it was wrapped up a little too nicely for Stark, but it was a given all along that will happen. All in all, very much an improvement over the episode before, and highly reccomended.moreless
  • Great episode, keeps you watching.

    I liked this episode, it was definitley unique to the rest of the episodes. I am just a little mad at Stark for going through and helping his friend out. Stark rushed himself into the entire ordeal. Despite that fact they were able to execute this episode nicely. Great tension and drama. The whole team was risking their careers! They must really like Stark. At first, I was liking the incorporation of Julie, Stark's daughter into the series, but now I am a little tired of it. It kind of drags away from the show's acctual plot. I wish she would only make a few appearances and stay out of the MAJOR plotline.moreless
  • Stark gets really close to losing his job.

    The case was pretty okay, though it was pretty obvious who the perp really was. I just didn't think he'd have a partner or that someone else was involved.

    I can imagine Stark's dilemma when his friend came to him for help. I'd probably have a hard time choosing to do my job or helping out a friend too. I was impressed with Stark for coming forward and risking his job for the sake of justice, and he was very fortunate to have the DA's help to get him reinstated.

    Julie is starting to annoy me.

    All in all, it was an okay episode.moreless
  • Legal Rock. [Team Stark] Legal Hard Place. And more gorgeous real estate than you can shake a stick at.

    Stark finds himself blatantly braking the law and compromising a crime scene when an old friend (Chris, played by Gary Cole) appeals to him in a panic. Stark then drags his entire staff into the scam. A girl has been rufied, and perhaps raped, then murdered; as it turns out, the two crimes may only be related by geography. And maybe Stark's old friend committed the more dastardly crime.

    A deal with the devil is struck between the friends, but then, says Stark to Chris: 'You broke the Cardinal Rule—'Never cross your friends.' Now see, I thought the rule was, 'Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!' (Oh, my bad: that's a 'Classic Blunder', not a 'Cardinal Rule'). But I digress. The point is, after hearing this warning, long-time friend Chris (who really should know Stark better), decides to press forward on the offensive. And pays. Possibly with a life sentence. Turn about is fair play…

    Well, Team Stark's leader finds himself with his right to practice law suspended (justifiably so) temporarily. For about 30 seconds. His boss, Jessica Devlin, deftly gets his butt out of the sling before episode's end. I was actually looking forward to much diminished power and control. But that's been done…

    On the home front, Julie continues to hide her DUI charge from her father, unaware that her hand has already been tipped by Isaac (who, in all fairness expected Julie had already confessed, since he'd urged her to do so when he originally sprung her from the lockup.) She tells Stark that she loves him after ignoring several of his opening opportunities to come clean without damaging her aura of innocence. Love? What's love got to do with it, if you don't understand that one of the fundamentals of love is 'forgiveness', and another is 'trust'?

    Julie is really beginning to worry me.moreless
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Gary Cole

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David Barrera

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • After Tim Matheson, Gary Cole is the second actor that played a Vice President in The West Wing to appear on Shark. Matheson played Vice President John Hoynes, Cole played Vice President Bob Russell.

      Curiously, they showed up in consecutive episodes (Tim Matheson guest-starred last week), they both played figures from Stark's past, and they were both implicated in a murder case.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jessica: (to Stark) If this is cash for all the grief you've caused me, you need a bigger envelope.

    • Julie: I saw Uncle Chris on the news. Why would he do something like that?
      Stark: Sometimes people disappoint you.

    • Christian Chambers: I don't suppose you'd look the other way… for old times' sake?
      Stark: Tell you what: If you confess, Chris, I'll take the death penalty off the table… for old times' sake.

    • Stark: You broke the cardinal rule, the only one that matters; never cross your friends. When this is over, we're even. Then we're done.

    • Julie: (about keeping her DUI secret from her father) I just need to figure out the right time to tell him.
      Isaac: Yeah, well...good luck with that.

  • NOTES (1)