Season 2 Episode 9

Burning Sensation

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • A very hot episode

    Another top notch episode. The plot uses your average arsonist storyline and adds an all to seen twist to mix it up enough to be original. Really though, this episode is an excellent showcase for Stark's numerous personality traits.

    There are many key scenes that demonstrate a kaledoscope of feelings and emotions including: charm, helplessless, compassion, pragmatism, intimidation, forcefulness and others. Woods performance could be his best yet for this show.

    As for the plot it does follow the the recent trend of standard storylines with a twist or two, so you wont necessarily see how it will end - as it was for me. The acting is top notch and Reina has a pivtol scene where she after seeing the Shark practically threaten to torture a patient unless he plead guilty, she then had to back it up in chambers. I can see repercussions coming! Jess has a bit part in this episode where she gleams an item of info which in the grand scheme of things meant she was wasted in this episode, other than to tell Stark that they were going to lose the case.

    However, from the start the story is well shown, while not action oriented, the screenplay is pacey and doesnt lull at any given point.

    Key legal points were that the defendant came across as sympathetic which would affect the jury and his motive was something not evil or selfish - as you will see if you watch the show.

    More political maneuverings (which I like) sees Shark having to deal with a cover-up from the Fire Dept up to the mayors office - again. This was all to briefly though.

    In short a typical, but well made and entertaining episode from this crime drama. Dont expect too much and it will deliver for you, as it did for me!
  • Wonderful episode the case had a nice twist as far as motive goes and sparks flew between Raina and Stark. I really

    Wonderful episode the case had a nice twist as far as motive goes and sparks flew between Raina and Stark. I really wasn't surprised by what Stark did he always breaks the rules. It was mildly surprising that Raina let him get away with it or at least so easily she caved on her principles. It was a real shocker why the man killed the victim didn't expect to find that he had molested his son years earlier. It was also nice to see Stark help Julies boyfriend and put him on the track to getting clean. It was an entertaining show with Stark and Raina's conflict making it the most worthwhile.